March 13, 2014

Count Brastillo De Brass!

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe it's been about two weeks since I last made an Edward Cringle blog. I had an issue with my new computer and had to get it fixed so that meant I couldn't log onto the game and make blog posts. I am happy to announce that it's finally fixed and I can game and blog again! I hate it when my computer gets random issues like that, but I don't think I'll have anymore issues for awhile so that means I have plenty of blogs I will make in the next few months. Oh... I forgot to tell you.. I'm back from vacation! It was so much fun, I will make a blog today or tomorrow with a few pictures attached so you can see where I went. My family is actually planning on going back in July around my Birthday so that'll be a lot of fun. I hope we do get to go! Okay enough of that, I'll let you know more about what I did on my vacation when I make that blog later on. Today I had a chance to level on my swashbuckler for the first time in two weeks and I had to do a lot of work! Before I tell you what I did today, I'll refresh your memories on what happened on my last blog two weeks ago..

On my last blog post, A Blog Post, I had to defeat Troggies and Aztecosaurs for Captain Dan because he said if I helped him do this, he'd help me find the Brass Monkey. I need to find the Brass Monkey for access through a blockade to Port Regal. The Brass Monkey is wanted by the Royal Army and Dan thinks that if I come up to the blockade with him, they'll let me through since if I have their worst enemy in chains. I still need to get through the blockade to find Mustang Sally. Today I had to defeat 10 Monquistan ships. Brass Monkey defeated more ships at once than any other captain and Dan thinks that if I defeat enough ships and try to hit his record, he'll reach out to us so I can find him, defeat him and take him to the Royal Army. These ships were difficult to sink, but I don't think it was bad enough to stop questing. I was pulled in deck battle with 6/10 of the ships I had to sink. The monkeys aboard wasn't hard to defeat, I think they were easy to defeat. If you have trouble sinking ships, just do the deck battle to see if the enemies on the ship are hard to defeat and if they're not, go ahead and do that instead of taking longer to sink the ships! I'm happy Pirate101 has an option to still collect something from the ships by two options, sinking the ships or fighting the enemies on their ship. After I was done defeating the enemies I had to sail back to Skull Island and talk to Captain Dan and tell him I was done and he wanted me to do something else for him! Ah. He really is reminding me of Brother Wolf... :P

Once I sailed back to the Scurvy Dog Hideout, I had to talk to Captain Dan and he told me that the enemies in the cave behind him were worse than they were before I defeated them. I had to go through the cave again and defeat Troggy and Aztecosaur bosses so I could quiet everything down so  Captain Dan could help me. During the first fight with the Troggy, Eki Eki Zip Boing (LOL, Try saying that once), my companions ended up being defeated because I wasn't paying attention to the game. Have you ever played Pirate101 and left for a snack and when you got back your companions were almost or were defeated? Well it happened to me a few times! I should know by now but I forget about my lower level characters and that the companions won't last as long as my witchdoctor's companions if I leave the battle for a minute or so. Anyways, after I found my companions were defeated I had to buy a minion from the crowns shop to help me defeat the other two troggies that I had to defeat and we made it. After I defeated the Troggies I had to defeat an Aztecosaur boss, Ek Beh. This boss wasn't as bad as the troggies since I was paying attention. I had to defeat the boss plus 5 other aztecosaurs and I was worried and so I ended up buying a buccaneer minion that only had a chance to hit one aztecosaur once during the battle. I've bought so many minions from the crowns shop when I don't need them. I need to learn not to do that just in case I really do need them just like I did with the troggy fight above. Okay... I promise on this post, I will no longer buy minions unless I need them!! :D Anyways... That's all I have to day.. Well... maybe not, I do have one last picture to share with you. After I defeated both bosses I had to talk to Dan and he had a letter!!

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