March 13, 2014

Edward Mythgem Makes It To The Elephant Graveyard!

Hello Wizards!

I apologize for not posting any blogs lately. I've been busy and my computer had a major issue this month and I had to delete the game. I couldn't log on and quest and I was sad the past two weeks because I couldn't make blog posts or have events like I planned on having the beginning of this month before I left on vacation (which was a lot of fun). The new part my computer needed arrived yesterday and the computer I'm on now is fine so that means I have blog posts and will have events soon! I'm happy to be back and I hope I can blog everyday. I might not only blog about my myth wizard, I might blog about my other wizards once in awhile but I do have a blog for my myth wizard today! I had a chance to quest again today! So much fun.. even got caught a few times. :P

This is the first time I quest on this character in weeks, so I want to blog a little of what happened the last time I quest on my myth wizard. On my last blog I had to find a way to get to the Elephant Graveyard to find Prince Tiziri. Koko knew a way to do a ritual to find the missing gems that I needed to get through the entrance to the Elephant Graveyard. I needed to find two blades to do the ritual to find the gems - Shango's Thunder Blade and Shango's Lightning Blade. I had to defeat a few bosses to collect the blades. I had to defeat Oya Bloodstorm to collect Shango's Thunder Blade and then find and defeat Ranzan (a balance boss in another area) to collect Shango's Lightning Blade. Once I found the blades, Shango's Lightning blade led me to a cave to defeat another boss, Khadir Dreamdrinker, to collect one of the gems that will help me access the Elephant Graveyard. After I was done defeating Khadir I had to talk to Koko and she told me that Shango's Thunder Blade would lead me to Kallah Silverback's shack but I couldn't get through because it's blocked by spider webs and I would get stuck if I tried to cross it. Koko told me she knew a spell that would protect me from the spider webs but I had to run around and collect a few items that she needed to create the spell: an iron pot, a wooden spoon from the blackback soldiers and an eternal flame from Umlilo.

After collecting all of the items (Yes I collected the pot, couldn't add the picture because the picture was deleted when I put my new hard drive in), I had to run back to Koko so she could use the protection spell on me so I could get through Spider Bridge. After I made it through, I had to fight Kallah Silverback and a myth minion of his. Every time I hit, he ended up using a heal, but it wasn't a huge heal so this fight wasn't difficult at all. I made a mistake of buying another minion, so if there is any pirates reading this blog... I promise from now on I won't buy any minions on Wizard101 unless I need them! :P Look at me buying all of these minions for fights when I don't need to use them! This fight wasn't bad, but I did end up on low health because I couldn't find all of my cards that I wanted to use because I had a lot of cards in from my last fight. I usually change my deck between mob fights and boss fights but this time I didn't and that's why I couldn't find the right cards. I think this was a simple fight but at the same time a little difficult because of my deck. Make sure you have the right deck before entering a battle, especially a boss battle. After I defeat Kallah he gave me the remaining gem so I could open the mammoth doors to get to the Elephant Graveyard. I think this is where I will end the blog post until the next time I quest through the game. I promise I'll blog a lot more since I'm no longer busy and no longer have any issues with my computer. Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.. OH, make sure to look at the screenshot below!! :)

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Unknown said...

I'm very happy you got your computer up & running again, and that you enjoyed you vacation