March 1, 2014

It's Going To Snow!

Hello Wizards,

I apologize for not having as many Wizard101 posts last month. I promise this month will be different for blogging! I will try to publish as many Wizard101 blogs as I can before going on vacation and then after I get back I will have plenty of blogs, contests and events. :D Yesterday I had a chance to level my ice character, Edward Wintergem, with Autumn Winterbreeze. We haven't leveled our ice wizards since October or November, before my last computer started acting up. I am happy we can level our ice wizards again, we're at the end of Avalon and should be entering Azteca soon. I'm also happy we can level through these worlds after the last update where they made it a little easier to defeat the mobs.

I know we're at the end of Azteca but just like my myth wizard, I had no idea what we were doing. I knew we had to defeat the death seraphs and collect something from them that is hard to collect. There's a few quests in the spiral  that I remember because of their difficulty.. One is another quest in Zafaria where you have to defeat these fire lions and collect something but it takes forever to collect and another is the quest we had to quest on yesterday. I'm glad I can remember what happens on those few hard quests because it really prepares me for the next time I level through. OH, did I tell you I change my robes? I look like such an ice wizard with them. Wait... I'm an ice wizard even if I don't have ice symbols on my robes right? Of course. I just love the symbols because my ice wizard was my first school and I love Winter! 

I don't think I ever told anyone why I named my character's last name Wintergem. You should know since I love Winter and thought gem would be a great 2nd part to my ice wizard's last name. I'm so happy I have a wizard that I created nearly 5 years ago and remember why I gave him the name I gave him. :D Anyways.. Enough of me.. Time to talk about what Autumn and I did yesterday. We defeated the death seraphs for about 5 fights. At first we collected 2/4 of the things we needed to collect and I ended up collecting all of the items a few fights after. Autumn didn't collect the round I collected but she did after! I don't know if Kingsisle updated this quest or not but it did seem a lot easier than it did in the past when I quest through on my other wizards.. Maybe it's because we were working together and had to defeat 3 each round? I'm starting to think it makes a difference when you have friends you're questing with/ join a battle with other wizards to soloing the quest. I remember soloing and it is not fun! Okay.. it is, after I collect. I think the last time I had a party? No.. I'm kidding! :D Anyways.. we quest through a few quests and defeat a boss in the Caliburn. I thought I took a screenshot, at least a few of them but I think I was pressing the delete button right next to my screenshot button. I don't have a picture to end the post.. so... yeah. That's it! :D I'll let you know how everything goes when we quest through Azteca (and of course I'll let you know how everything goes on Edward Firegem and Autumn's Life and Balance when questing through Khrysalis Pt 1. and 2 when released). Thanks for reading everyone! Wait... wait.. don't leave!! I want to tell you that it's going to snow tonight-tomorrow where I live. Maybe it has something to do with questing on our ice wizards yesterday? Or maybe the ice wizards are having a party?! You didn't invite us!!! It's okay, I'll be busy playing in the snow. :D Until later, I'll see you around the spiral.

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