March 3, 2014

March 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle release their March 2014 P101 Newsletter today with lots of great news, information and a great recap of what happened last month! I think this newsletter is one of my favorite newsletter they've released. I think one of my favorite things about this month's Newsletter is the Rogue's Gallery. Kingsisle finally release a video about Blind Mew, the blind cat in Skull Island, yeah.. believe it or not, he is a cat! I can't post the video since its early but you can still check it out on the newsletter. I'll post it to my blog once blogger finds it. :) Another thing that caught my eye was the last section of the newsletter. NEW TEASER! I'm so excited about the spoilers Kingsisle has release in the past few months. This spoiler has something to do with Completely Barmy just like many of the spoilers in the past!

Kingsisle : Avast, Pirate101 fans! This here be an interesting and (also “completely barmy”) concept art of a Skull Island character you’ve never seen before!

Isn't that an epic concept teaser image? I don't think I'm the only one excited about this next Pirate101 update. I have that feeling there will be another skyway in Skull Island that we'll have to explore with the new update. I don't really know, sometimes I think it's a new world but it could be a little something for everyone. Maybe it's a new Pirate101 school? I know Wizard101 added a new school (not so new now, balance) in the past when it was still a new game. I don't know if that Skull Island character has anything to do with a new school, but you never know! I think KI is going to release more than just a new world. I do think they'll release a new world with the next update since a lot of pirates are already level 65, at least the pirates I know and have seen. What do you think will happen? Well I think that's enough chat for the newsletter. I'm guessing it'll be released to the test realm by next month's newsletter, if not, it'll be released during May or June. Anyways, if you'd like to read more great information about this month's P101 Newsletter such as: NXP Parties, Pirate101 Vines and Books For The Cultured Pirate, just click HERE

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