March 18, 2014

Terri Spell's Awesome Sun Palace!

Hello Wizards,

I have a different type of blog post for you all today. I don't usually tour houses but today I asked one of my best friends, Terri Spell, if I could tour her house and she said yes! I was going to make a questing post today but this is far more interesting and I think you'll enjoy this blog. I have tons of pictures of her awesome sun palace that she's decorated with descriptions below. I hope you enjoy this blog! Okay.. I'm done typing, now to show you the pictures I had a chance to take when touring her house. Click on the first image and scroll through if you'd like to zoom in on the images.

Thank you so much Terri for letting me take pictures of your wonderful palace and I'm sure everyone viewing this post will agree that your house is amazing! I wish I was as good as you with decorating. I know if I tried decorating a house, it would be 2040 before I got done decorating ONE room! :P I didn't publish anything about areas but I want everyone reading to guess what worlds on Wizard101 have to do with this house. There are different areas that look like a certain area and I want you to guess all of the areas. If you get them all, just comment below! :D Thanks for viewing this blog. Special thanks to Terri, here's a link to her Twitter and Blog.


Unknown said...

Does it count if i actually was there lol

Edward Lifegem said...

Haha, yes! That counts. :D

Anonymous said...

Super cool house! That must have been so fun to explore!
By the way, was there a post earlier titled, "It's not about the contests"? I keep seeing it on the side bars of fan sites but when I click it seems to be deleted. I'm just curious, it seemed like an interesting topic considering most people only visit fan sites these days for the prizes and not the content of posts.

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, the house is amazing! :D And I deleted that post the other day. I made it and published it and decided to delete it since it didn't sound right. I am actually planning on making a new post. I was sick when I made my last post, I'm feeling better and think I'll make a post like that today or tomorrow. :)