March 20, 2014

Too Much Yum?!

Ahoy Pirates!

Don't you hate getting sick and not being able to do something you've been wanting to do for awhile? Me too! I'm feeling better (I'm so ready for warmer temperatures), and I can finally make this blog post I've been wanting to make. :D I promise I'll start making more blogs for the rest of this month! The temperatures are warming up and that means I won't get sick as much as I do doing the Winter. Oh yeah... HAPPY SPRING! The other day when it was super cold outside, I leveled my swashbuckler again through sewers.. What?!?

On my last blog post I had to defeat the Brass Monkey so I could pass the blockade to Port Regal. Captain Dan told me that once I defeated him, I should take him to the blockade to return him to the Royal Army and they will let me through. I needed to get through the blockade to find Gilbert in Port Regal to find out where Mustang Sally went. Today I took the Brass Monkey to a Governor in Port Regal. Once I found Gilbert & Sullivan, I had to help them with a quest. They wanted me to find a shipment of goods that might have been stolen. Sullivan then told me that the goods were supposed to be taken by Rockstraw to the sewers in Port Regal.

After I finished talking to Sullivan, I had to rest.. I mean TRAIN, Not that I needed to train. Swashbucklers are strong!! :D Where was I? Oh yeah.. after I finished doing what I needed to do, I entered the dungeon and found Rockstraw and also found enemies I would have to defeat! The image above doesn't show the difficulty of the fight. This fight was pretty easy and I didn't even need my strongest companions for it. After defeating the enemies that were in my way, I had to talk to Rockstraw. Rockstraw told me that the shipment was stolen and he wanted me to tell the bosses. Well.. I won't be telling the bosses anything today, since I'm about to enjoy some delicious food. I think I'll stop the blog here and will continue sometime later. :D Until later, I'll see you around the spiral. What do you think Sullivan will say about this?

He's had a little bit too much yum.....

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