March 11, 2014

Vote For Pirate101 (Part 2)

Ahoy Pirates,

It's been awhile since I made a blog post, I promise I will start making more questing posts as soon as I get my new hard drive in the mail in a few days. Until then, I will only blog about a few things that I've noticed happening around the spiral such as MMOBomb F2P Showdown! I've been hearing that Pirate101 went on with the challenge and won the vote against Aion. Yay!! x passes around yum x We went ahead with the challenge and are now having to go up against Mabinogi. Do you love Pirate101? Click the image attached to this post to vote for the game you love to play and want to win. At the moment we're at 33% against the 67% Mabinogi has so far. I don't think anything is impossible so I'm not going to worry about anything at all. Good luck Pirate101, I hope you win. :D

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Anonymous said...

Now it's 34% against 66%. We are improving slowly but steadily.