March 31, 2014

Wizard101 Character Update: Edward Legendgem

Hello Wizards!

I've been spending a lot of time on Wizard101 lately, maybe too much time, but I've enjoyed every moment of it. I've leveled on a few characters but one of the characters I want to blog about today is my balance wizard, Edward Legendgem. In the past few years, I haven't leveled more than 5 levels alone and in the past few days I have had a chance to do that again. I remember why I quest so fast because I spent many hours on the game in the past. I can't believe how many hours I've spent on the game this week! I bet I've spent 12 hours in the past two days on the game questing on all of my wizards. I've quest the most on my balance wizard so my blog will be about my balance today. :D

I know many of you on Twitter know that I've been questing through Zafaria but I found out I had a quest, no, world I haven't finished yet. The other day I found out I didn't finish Grizzleheim OR Wintertusk. I decided to finish Grizzleheim and quest through Wintertusk since it's extra experience and I actually gained levels since I took this path instead of continuing on my main quests in Zafaria. I'm so happy Kingsisle added side worlds/quests so we wouldn't have to level on the main quest if we got stuck or something. Side quests can really help you if you're behind and want to be ahead before you enter a world. I wish I knew this before then I would have been a higher level than I was when I entered Zafaria.. I don't have anything else to blog about since I didn't take pictures when I was questing through Zafaria but I do have a picture of Hyrda. I LOVE that spell. I really wish I had the mount and I'd feel like a true balance wizard. :D I promise I'll have another update by the time Edward reaches level 70. Edward is currently level 65 so he could reach level 70 before you know it! Well... lol.. you won't know until I tell you.. :D Okay. Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you around the spiral. OH, Happy soon to be April!

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