April 11, 2014

101st Day of 2014!

Hi there!

Today is the 101st day of 2014! Kingsisle is celebrating by giving away a few gifts on both games Pirate101 (Free 101 Eyepatch) and Wizard101 (Free Prickly Bear Cactus seed). They are also putting five different items in the crowns shop up for sale for 101 crowns! This means you can buy what they put up for sale for 101 crowns. :D I think that's awesome! Check out more information about this sale by clicking HERE for Pirate101's Information or HERE for Wizard101's information on the 101st Day Sale/Giveaway. I usually don't do this for wizards but since this is a Pirate101 blog post, I do have a code to giveaway. You could use these crowns for items in the crowns shop if you'd like to. I'm hoping a pirate gets a code but I do have another blog I plan on posting today or tomorrow if you don't get it. Congratulations to the pirate or wizard that wins the code worth 1,500 crowns. :)


1 comment:

Chrissy The Blesser said...

DANG, lol you guys are WAY too fast for me. Impressive speed there mystery code grabber. Congratulations on your win. :D