April 25, 2014

Bacon and Eggs!

Ahoy Pirates,

It's been ten days since I last made an EC blog post! I need to start blogging about my character more often but I haven't had as much time to log on and make blog posts. This usually happens, so don't worry. I will start making a lot more blog posts over this Summer. I hope you all stick around to read all of the wonderful posts I have planned. :) The other day I quest through the game a little bit and had a lot of fun.. Before I tell you what I did, I'm going to tell you what I did on my last blog post.

On my last blog post I had to help Catbeard start a war! Why? Well.. I need to free Mustang Sally from the Fort Elena Prison, but first I need to start a war with Marleybone in order to help free Mustang Sally and Napoleguin. Napoleguin is a peguin from Polaris that Catbeard and Mustang Sally were planning on freeing but Mustang Sally ended up getting caught and imprisoned. I had to start a war with Marleybone by attacking ten of their ships. This quest wasn't the easiest quest but I did get through it. :) After I was done sinking all ten of the Marleybone Ships in Port Regal, I had to sail back to Catbeard's Lair and tell him the news. The other day I started to quest again and Catbeard told me that I really needed to anger the Royal Army by kidnapping the Governor's oldest daughter. He then gave me a note to drop in the Governor's chambers to blame the kidnapping on Valencia. After I was done talking to Catbeard I had to talk to Gilbert and Sullivan. Gilbert and Sullivan told me how to get to Mabel, the Governor's daughter, and how to sneak into the Governor's mansion. I had to sneak into a tunnel to get the governor's mansion to kidnap the governor's daughter *makes me wonder how they didn't know there was a tunnel that wasn't guarded in their heavily guarded mansion*. Once I made it to the tunnel, I noticed there were other kidnappers! I had to defeat Beemish and his gang before I could make it to the Governor's mansion. I didn't have any trouble defeating them, so don't worry about defeating them if you're on this quest. :) 

After getting through the boss I made it inside the Governor's mansion! Wait...Is that turkey bacon?? Wow... That actually looks pretty good. Well, I know it's almost lunchtime but can you imagine having turkey bacon and eggs?! I mean... Uh... Back to kidnapping the governor's daughter??! 

As you can tell by all of the images I've attached to this post, I was caught! I had to defeat a couple of redcoats to escape but I'm hoping they don't tell Marleybone that Skull Island actually kidnapped the governor's daughter instead of Valencia which we put the blame on by dropping that note. :D Mabel wanted to go so it wasn't that hard getting her to come with me. After I was done defeating the redcoats I had to escape the mansion before being caught again and sail back to Catbeard's Lair with Mabel. 

WOOT! It's official. Edward Cringle finally made it to level 30. I'm so happy I leveled with this quest because each time I level I feel like I'm a tougher swashbuckler, so my next post will be a lot of fun because I'm a higher level. I earned a new potion, training tomes and new attacks since I leveled. :D I didn't continue questing because I was busy leveling my companions and training new attacks from my Swashbuckler teacher. Have I told you I really enjoy questing on my swashbuckler?? Well if I haven't, I enjoy questing on my swashbuckler!! :D Well, that's it for today. I think I need to go eat something because I was hungry ever since the bacon and eggs.... I'll see you around the spiral. :)

My next quest! :D 

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

I can totally understand your fascination with the kitchen. They have some really cool food props in there that I would LOVE for our kitchens. I DO hope that Johnny Ringo listens to all or requests for food items like that to make our houses an hunger inducing. :D