April 1, 2014

Edward Lifegem Makes It To Azteca

Hello Wizards,

Okay, before I begin this post I want to tell you that this isn't an April Fools joke! It actually happened. I'm shocked because I haven't been able to level this much in a very long time. I've been leveling on Wizard101 more this week than I have since 2011 or 2012. Can you believe I'm leveling on Wizard101 more than Pirate101 at the moment? No.. That doesn't mean I love the game more than Pirate101, I love the games the same amount for different reasons. :) I do plan on making a schedule for posts and leveling, but until then I have many blog posts I want to start making now. :D

I promise you that I'd make a post when I finished Avalon and I knew it wouldn't be that long of a wait so I'm happy I can make this post now. I've wanted to make this post for a long time since my life has been stuck in Avalon for months not doing anything... well, I guess keeping plants alive, that is something right? :D Anyways, I'm happy to announce now that Edward Lifegem has finally finished Avalon! I still can't believe he has but I had help from a friend to complete the last dungeon and it didn't take long to finish and defeat the dragons in this dungeon and get the sword of kings! :D Pendragon didn't like me, but I didn't like him either and ended up casting a gnome on him that hit 11,000. After we got him down to the health where he could be defeated soon, he cast a scarecrow and then cast a spell on himself that ended in his defeat. I guess he didn't want to see another 11,000 hit? :D It was a lot of fun completing this dungeon!

After I finished the last dungeon in Avalon and healed the king and all I had to go back and talk to Merle Ambrose. He gave me the Hero Of Avalon badge and I was done. Not.. I ended up traveling to Ravenwood and collecting the Azteca Entrance quest from Cyrus Drake since I really wanted to see the world that I would soon be leveling in. I had to do a few things before I could travel to Azteca and I've attached images below to show you what I had to do get make it to Azteca. I'll say goodbye now, I hope you have a great day today! Don't be fooled too much, I bet there are jokes everywhere. Oh.. did I tell you I made Official Fansite?? :P I didn't? Well I didn't make it! I hope you enjoyed that April Fools joke earlier. Thanks for reading everyone! :)

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