April 4, 2014

Meow, Meow, Meow!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been about a week since I last leveled through my main quests on my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. I think I've been putting him off because of all of the news that keeps happening and I love blogging about it so all of you can see what will happen in the spiral soon! Yesterday there wasn't much happening for Pirate101 so I decided to start leveling my swashbuckler on his main quest again. :D Yesterday I had to talk to a lot of people and most of the post is about different people to find out where the missing shipment was. I still had a lot of fun questing again on my swashbuckler. :)

The last time I quest on my swashbuckler I had to help Gilbert and Sullivan find a lost shipment and in return they would help me find out where Mustang Sally is. I had to locate Mr. Rockstraw to find out what happened to their shipment and he said the shipment was stolen. Yesterday, Sullivan told me that they need the shipment because their associates were waiting for it. Sullivan told me he wanted me to deliver a note to Captain Corcoran to let him know there was a delay in the shipment. On my way to Captain Corcoran, I ran into Blind Mew. Blind Mew told me he heard noises by the storm drain (the one where I talk to Mr. Rockstraw) and he heard wooden crates being carried away from the drain. Blind Mew heard the main guy talk with a Valencian accent and Blind Mew said it sounded like horseshoes when he walked around. That means we have to look for a unicorn that stole the contraband. After I talk to Blind Mew, I went on and talk to Captain Corcoran to tell him about the shipment delay. Captain Corcoran knew that the unicorn that stole the contraband was a unicorn named Iago. Corcoran went on and said I needed to talk to Bill Bobstay in Scrimshaw to find out if he could tell me where I could find Nick Deadeye since he knows Iago. I know.. I'm telling you everything that happened so the story/quest makes a little more sense. :) Anyways, after sailing to Scrimshaw Bill told me I could find Nick Deadeye on the Scrimshaw Island. 

I had to battle Nick Deadeye since he was protecting Iago but after I defeated him he told me where to find Iago with all of the contraband. Nick told me that I could find Iago in a vortex in Port Regal called The Maelstrom of Malice. Once I found him I had to battle him as well and it wasn't hard to find him at all. I think questing yesterday was the easiest quests I've done on the game so far! I was worried this post wouldn't make sense since I really didn't do much other than talk to a lot of not so much people. :P After I collected the shipment, I traveled back to Sullivan and gave him the shipment. After I gave him the shipment I collected from Iago, he told me that he talk to Mustang Sally a few weeks before and that Sally was in Port Regal to free a prisoner from Fort Elena but she was captured and she's a prisoner now. Sullivan then said she was working with a pirate named, Catbeard (Meow, Meow, Meow). That's where I stop questing yesterday since I was busy afterwards. I can't wait to talk to Catbeard, he's actually a friend of mine. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

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