April 14, 2014

New Easter Mounts!

Hello Wizards!

Today Kingsisle released two new Wizard101 mounts to the crowns shop just in time for Easter. Well, it's called Spring mounts but I'm going to call them Easter mounts instead. :) These new mounts are EPIC. Seriously... I want one! I will get one before Easter ends. :D I hope you all decide to get one too because they are only available for a limited time which means you won't be able to buy them after Easter until next Easter. You can buy the Caerbannog Rabbit for 3,750 Crowns and the Prismatic Hare for 4,500 crowns only in the crowns shop! Make sure you try because these Easter mounts are pretty epic. :D If you would like more information about these mounts, just click the image below.

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