April 16, 2014

Open Letter About Contests

Hello Wizards and Pirates,

I really wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my chest for awhile. I've been thinking about the codes I've been giving away lately. I love giving away codes but I don't like giving them away to someone who gets a ton of them from my contest and other contests. I'm not someone who's obsessed with the amount of viewers on my site. I'm obsessed with the games Kingsisle has made and what I can blog about that I look back on in the future. :) I want everyone else reading my blog to have the same opportunity. I'm not one of those people that like having contests all of the time. I know when my blog was first created in in 2010 I only thought about having contests to get my views up. That's the truth, but now I don't like having them because it makes me upset when I see more comments and views on a contest than any other post that year. I know publishing a post that has the word contest in it will be more of something than any other post. I don't look forward to having contests as much as I did back in 2012-2013 because now everyone is entering multiple contests to win as much as they can. I know there are wizards and pirates that do that and it makes me sad. If you enter contests, let everyone else have that chance to win something they might not have a chance to win this year. If you won a code from my last contest, I want you to show me that you will let someone else win next time. This doesn't just count for my contests, this counts for every other blog that's having contests right now. If you win a code from one blog, don't try to win that same code from another blog to have two of the same item you won. One other thing that is bothering is that when someone tweets something on twitter about a contest, everyone goes crazy. Really? Contests are NOT that important. One day RT something that has something to do with a new YouTube video a wizard/pirate uploaded or like a blog post on Facebook that someone has made. This doesn't have to be my YouTube videos or blog posts, I want you to do something for someone that might not see much of that. I would also like to see you comment on other blogger's blog posts. Let them know what you think of their post and where you are in the game or something like that. I think it's important everyone in the community knows they're awesome and not just because they have crowns to giveaway. :) This post does not mean I won't have another contest, it's just something I've been thinking about lately. I actually plan on having a contest soon that has something to do with my last contest and this blog post. I would like to thank all of those who have read all of this. It really means a lot that you're still here. :) That's all I have to say for now.. Thanks again for reading.


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Nice post and full of wisdom. Well said. I got a great companion from one of your contests so even though they are fun I will bow out for a while. I am hoping that more out there will win their first great prize. Better yet, let more read and comment. I mean how hard is this? :D

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks! Even though you won a companion from my event, that was actually a separate contest which allowed you to enter for codes on this contest. But I know there have been others that have won codes, more than two of the same from either other sites or the same site and kept entering and entering. The same thing has been happening on Twitter Contests. You see the same accounts RTing for that code. Greed has taken over part of the community and I hope everyone realizes that. Thanks again for doing that even though you don't have to! Shows there are people out there that are nice enough to let others win. :)

Anonymous said...

Well said :) A nice reminder for most of us...it's easy to get carried away with things sometimes..but I don't get why people use multiples of the same code..