April 15, 2014

Pickled Herring

Ahoy Pirates!

I finally have a new blog post about Edward Cringle! I haven't been able to quest on my swashbuckler because of the test realm's release last week and I really wanted to make my posts that I made last week before I started questing again. I'm so happy I test it out because I didn't know if it would mess with my questing or not. I really can't wait until the test realm is released because it does have awesome updates and I can't wait to see them on the live game. :D I'm sure you'll start hearing more about my companions and pets once the updates are released to the live game. :)

I'm going to stop talking about the test realm for now and start talking about my last blog post and the quest I had to complete today! On my last blog post Edward Cringle had to help Gilbert and Sullivan find their shipment that was stolen by Iago, a valencian unicorn. Gilbert and Sullivan knew where Mustang Sally was and they wanted me to help them before they would help me. After collecting their contraband I sailed back to their shop and they told me that Mustang Sally was helping a prisoner out of Fort Elena but was caught and she was made a prisoner. Gilbert and Sullivan then told me that Mustang Sally was working with a cat named Catbeard and he might know more. Today I had to sail to Catbeard's Lair to find out more about what happened and who she was breaking out of Fort Elena.

Today I found out that Catbeard and Ratbeard don't like each other. I think they have the same relationship as Tom & Jerry! I also found out that Mustang Sally & Catbeard were hired by Gortez to break into Port Regal to free a penguin, Napoleguin. Napoleguin was an emperor of Polaris. Once he became emperor he attacked all of his allies. Napoleguin was betrayed by Marleybone and Valencia and he was then captured and sent to Fort Elena. Gortez wants to free Napoleguin so he could help him win the civil war in Monquista. Catbeard wants to free him so he can have all of the pickled herring that'll last him his entire life! I'm sure by now you see him eating it above.. He also told me that Polaris is full of pickled herring. That's important information!

Catbeard said he knew a way I could get into the prison to free Mustang Sally if I helped him free Napoleguin. Catbeard said he wanted me to start a war with Marleybone. He said he wanted me to start by attacking ten of the Marleybone Ships in Port Regal Skyway. I didn't like this quest because it took a very long time and sometimes two ships at one time attacked me and my ship couldn't handle all of the attacks. Sometimes my pirate had to fight the enemies on their ships because my ship health was low. I don't really know about this quest but I'm sure it's easier for everyone else. I'm one of those pirates that don't like a quest if it takes too long (30 minutes), but I'm happy when I finish so I can post about it on this blog. :D I think the most important thing about this quest is to have the right ship gear so it doesn't take too long. I had to switch my gear around and by the end of my quest, it was a lot easier to defeat these ships. So.. today I'm going to give away a code for crowns so everyone that's having trouble can get the right ship equipment from the crowns shop or whatever else you want. :D I didn't stop questing after defeating the ships but I sailed back to Catbeard's ship and told him what I did he then told me what he said in the picture below. :P

That's all I have for today. I mentioned above that I have a code for you all for 1,500 crowns. This code can only be redeemed by one pirate. This code will also be the last code I giveaway on my blog posts, unless I make another post today, so don't expect anymore codes to be on my Pirate101 blog posts if I don't make another Pirate101 blog post today. I really hope ya'll took time out to read my blog posts! :) I do plan on having another contest soon so make sure to look out for that this week! I hope you all enjoyed this contest. If you enjoyed reading this post/ this contest, click on the :D reaction below!! Thank you again. :) Remember, if you won a code already, please give others a chance to win this code. :) Okay, here's the cute little springtime pet (which you can buy in the Pirate101 crowns shop today)!

Code For Crowns
(Can Only Be Redeemed One Time)


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Chrissy The Blesser said...

When I do that quest it isn't the amount of ships that I didn't like, I just hated starting the war. Bonnie Anne's conscience was ringing as loud as mine. This bothered me as much as attacking the peaceful monks in Mooshu. Sometimes doing piratey things is hard but I trust Blind Mew to make it alright in the end. :D