April 11, 2014

Pirate101 Test Realm: Advanced Companions & Class Companions!

Ahoy Pirates,

I made a post a few days ago about one of the new updates on the Pirate101 Test Realm, the advanced pets, and I decided that I'd make another about the advanced companions today! There's so much to look forward to and I've only had a chance to test out a few things on the test realm. I plan on testing more out today or tomorrow so I can make a new post about it to let you know what I think about it.

The advanced pets on Pirate101 are just as awesome as the advanced pets! I'll tell you the truth, at first I was worried advanced companions wouldn't make sense and I'd be left behind on it but this isn't something anyone should worry about. I think it's the best feature Kingsisle could add to this game. Why do I think this is the best feature? Well... let me talk about an example of one of the orders the companions can now do. Lets say one of your companions that you don't really like using for battling just stays behind and you never use him. Well when this feature is added to the live realm you can now use that companion, not for battle, but for an order. Let's talk about one of the features I like the best, Keel Haulin'. You can send one of your companions that you don't want to use in battle on a quest for training tomes by using the Keel Haulin' order! This is awesome because if one day you're busy and don't have time to farm for gold, you can send your companions on a quest to get training tomes by clicking on the companion you want to send and then you would have to click on New Orders. If you send more than one companion on the same quest, it'll take longer for the 2nd companion, and longer for the 3rd. This counts for all of the orders in the picture above.

There's one thing I'd like to talk about before I continue about the advanced companions. Kingsisle also added new class companions for all pirate classes! I'm happy all of the pirate classes gets new class companions (who doesn't love getting a new companion?). The musketeer class gets a flamingo companion- like the one above-, witchdoctors get a shark companion, swashbucklers get a frog swashbuckler, buccaneers get a new pelican companion named Peter Quint and privateers get a monkey conquistatrix companion. I've test out most of the companions and think they will be an awesome addition to my crew. I'm excited about using most of them as my firstmate. You'll be seeing my frog companion a lot on my swashbuckler's posts once this update is added to the live realm. :D The class companions are awesome but if for some reason you don't like your companion you can use the orders. Now.. I have one more thing to say about the orders.. If you want your companion to collect a lot more of lets say gold from Plunderin', you can train your companion a talent that will help your companion gain 10% more gold from that order quest you sent your companion on. I've added images below of examples of what I'm talking about.. :D Altogether, I think it's a nice idea Kingsisle added the advanced companions feature and new class companions to the game. I really can't wait to see these updates on the live realm! I'm already preparing for everything for the live game by well... making these blog posts! Haha. :D Okay... I know you've probably read a lot already but I have one last thing to tell you before you look at the images below.. Pirate101 is also giving us companion training tomes! They will give us the number of our companions we have worth of training tomes. This the last awesome thing I have to blog about... at least for today.. Okay, please look at the image below to see what else you can train your companion now and a code for a companion for the live realm for one pirate. :D


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