April 6, 2014

Wizard101 Character Update: Edward Lifegem

Hello Wizards!

If you haven't read by now, my life wizard Edward Lifegem made it to Azteca! Lately I've been questing him through Azteca to see if it would be easy to solo through the world on a life wizard. I don't think it's that bad soloing through this world but I do need help a few times because of a dungeons/bosses I can't defeat alone. I've noticed I've had a lot of trouble defeating myth and ice enemies. I've had trouble defeating myth enemies because of their earthquakes that get rid of all of my blades so I put feints in my deck instead. Ice enemies are also difficult because of their tower shields but I always do find a way to defeat them. It takes longer to defeat those two schools but I always finish! :)

Yesterday I knew I would have trouble defeating a myth boss and his fire minion alone so I decided to side quest since to put it off until I could defeat Ponce De Gibbon. As you know, he does cheat on the game so I knew I wouldn't be able to defeat him at all. After side questing through a few quests Brandon Owlsword ask me if I needed help on any of quests and I ask him if he could help me on the Ponce De Gibbon quest. He was nice enough to help me through this quest that I would be stuck on until I finished every side quest on the game past and future! :P Thank you so much Brandon, you have no idea how much this meant that you helped me through this quest. I do feel bad for him, he went first and Ponce kept on attacking him (see image above). He's an awesome balance wizard, thank you again! :) There are bosses that I know I'll be able to fight even though I know it'll take awhile to defeat them. I'm just happy to announce that leveling on my life wizard isn't as bad as I thought it would be soloing and it is okay to ask and accept help. Thank you for reading, I'll update you again on how I'm doing in Azteca when I can. Level 85 on my life wizard so far!! I'll see you around the spiral. :)

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