May 24, 2014

A Huge Explosion!

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow... It's been awhile since I leveled on Pirate101. I wonder how many times I said something like that on this blog? :P Anyways. I'm back now and I had a chance to level on the game today! I was on the game for an hour early this morning so I could make a post today since it's been awhile since I made an EC post. I'm happy I'm back because I really miss leveling on Pirate101. I did a lot on the game today but before I talk about that, lets talk about Edward Cringle's last quest. :)

Okay... It has been a long time since I made a post involving Edward Cringle. My last post was published on April 25th, nearly a month ago! A lot of craziness happened this month and things like that usually don't happen. One bad thing is now better and one busy thing I've been doing is almost taken care of. :D That means I can blog again and hopefully make a lot more Edward Cringle posts this Summer! Oh! Speaking of my last post... On my last blog post I had to kidnap Port Regal governor's daughter to start a war with Marleybone. I had to start the war with Marleybone so I can free Mustang Sally from Fort Elena Prison. After kidnapping the governor's daughter I talk to Catbeard and he told me that I needed to start another war with the Armada by destroying 10 of their ships! I stop questing there last month and I knew this quest would be a little hard because I remember questing on this on my witchdoctor and it wasn't fun. Today I decided to continue and sink the 10 ships. This quest wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since I had potions just in case the Armada ships made my ship's health go low enough for me to join in deckside battle. I had to join deckside battle a few times because I ran out of potions but it wasn't that bad since I got their ship low enough on health (if you attack the ship enough you'll be able to make the enemies health lower than it usually is).

After I defeat the ships I sailed back to Catspaw to talk to Catbeard and he told me that the next thing I needed to do is go to a building, Dreadnaught, and attack clockworks and then blow up their machines in Dreadnaught's core. Catbeard said that the armada will blame Marleybone for the attack if they don't catch me. I leveled through Dreadnaught's Dungeon today and had to defeat a ton of Armada Clockworks and didn't have any trouble at all! I think this was the easiest quest I've done in awhile. After I destroyed the machines in Dreadnaught's core I had to defeat more clockworks (at least 3 fights in this dungeon) and then sail back to Catspaw to talk to Catbeard to tell him the good news. That's where I'm going to stop for today since I'm hungry because I read the Bacon and Eggs post... LOL. I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading this post. :D I'll see you around the spiral AND here's a peek of my next post.. :D

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Great post. Just a tip, Don't really trust Catbeard. I suspect is interests are elsewhere. :D