May 14, 2014

Edward Firegem Made It To Level 100!

Hello Wizards!

I have great news! My fire wizard, Edward Firegem, finally made it to level 100. :D I can't believe how much I've leveled. I plan on leveling like I did yesterday for my life wizard and level him as fast as I can so he makes it to level 100 soon too. My fire wizard is one wizard that I knew would make it to Exalted first. I haven't finished Khrysalis Part 2 but I have leveled far enough to almost finishing the world up. I was only planning on making this post to tell you that I've leveled to 100 but decided I'll also make this post to let you know I also got my level 98 pet. :D

I've leveled about 3 times on my fire wizard so far this week (3 million experience+)! The past few days have been crazy but I'm happy I can finally say that 1 of my wizards made it to level 100 and finally have their level 98 pet! I love my efreet pet and hate snakes but I still think this pet will be my main pet for my fire wizard just because he's not as bad as I thought he would be. I only thought he was bad because he's a flying snake.. LOL. Anyways, I can't wait to show off that pet. My ice wizard is busy gardening so I can get those mega snacks to level him up, hatch and level him again so I can use him as my main pet. I'm sure this is old news for a lot but this is the first time I've made it to level cap since a recent world release since 2011. :D I also have been focusing a lot on gardening and pets which is also awesome. :D Anyways, that's my update for now. ONE WIZARD DOWN, FIVE TO GO! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral. :D OH. My Sun Serpent's name is Princess Cocoa. 

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