May 17, 2014


Ahoy Pirates,

I apologize for not making as many posts as I usually do the past week or so. I've been on Wizard101 a lot lately and I've also been very busy on the days I planned on making new blog posts. I promise I didn't quit the game (after all it's my favorite game) and I will blog a lot more soon! At the moment I'm trying to get real life things out of the way and then I'll start making a lot more posts such as questing posts on my swashbuckler. Yesterday I had a chance to log onto the game a little bit and train my companions with all of the new training tomes Kingsisle gave us!

Most of my companions are now level 65 and I only have a few left to level which shouldn't take too long! I think I'm doing great on leveling my companions. Kingsisle gave my witchdoctor 34 companion tomes, I should have had 35 but I didn't get a side quest companion. Thank you for the training tomes, KI! :) I also logged on the game to get my new companions for my witchdoctor and swashbuckler. I already know they will be useful because I remember testing them out on the test realm not long ago. :D I can't wait to quest on my swashbuckler because of my companion and the new visuals the game has each time we get ready to attack. Who's excited about that? Oh wait... Mark and Recall! That'll be so helpful when I'm questing which will make questing faster than it was before. :D Well that's all I have for today. I hope all of you had a nice week and have an awesome weekend. :) Thank you for reading. I'll see you around the spiral!

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