May 12, 2014

Pirate101's Updates Are Now Live!

Ahoy Pirates! Today Kingsisle released the updates for the Pirate101 Spring Update to the live realm! This means that we can see a lot of new features in the game such as new advanced pets, advanced companions, mark and recall and so many other awesome features! I'm happy this update was finally released because this means that we'll have a lot of new things to test out. :D If you like marking places that you port from so you can port back without having to travel back there by ship, mark and recall is a great feature. With mark and recall you mark your spot you want to port to and then you can travel somewhere and then port back to that spot without having to take time to get there. This feature is as awesome as the mounts. The advanced pets and companions are awesome too! All schools also get new companions, make sure to visit your school if you're above level 4 to recruit your new companion. :D Okay I'm going to stop typing now so you can log onto the game and have fun with the new awesome updates KI released. Thanks KI for all of your hard work! :) If you would like to read through all of the updates KI released just click on the image that's been attached to this post. Thanks for reading and  I'll see you around the spiral!

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