May 8, 2014

Privateer Update: Edward Donnely

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been awhile since I made a blog post about my privateer and just a normal blog post this week. I apologize for not making any blog posts this week! Last weekend I had a family emergency and I couldn't level or blog at all. Everything is fine now! :) I planned to make a post the beginning of this week about my privateer but I was busy. I think now would be a perfect time to make this post so I don't forget. :D

Lately I've been leveling my privateer through ship sinking quests and dungeons such as the presidio! I soloed that dungeon with my privateer with no problem at all. I think the only bad thing about that dungeon is the first few fights but you can skip them. There are monkeys that are by guard towers in the presidio that you can run pass if you're fast enough. :) I was able to run pass them and I only had to fight five fights instead of eight of them. I have also earned new companions on my privateer. I think I will continue questing my privateer (he's currently level 8) when I have time and blog about him a little bit, just like I did today. :D I would also like to update you all on my swashbuckler, I promise I will start questing him again. I will also blog about the updates from the test realm once they are released to the live realm. :) Thank you all for reading and I missed you! I hope you all are staying safe and not being captured by the Armada! :D

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