May 30, 2014

Too Good To Be True?

Hello Wizards & Pirates,

Something happened on Twitter the past few weeks that I feel I should blog about today. I don't think it's something we should let go of just yet because we need to learn from our mistakes so something like this doesn't happen again. Last week a wizard on Twitter (not naming them), had a ton of contests.. You would think a ton would mean giving a lot of little crown codes but that wasn't what happened. This wizard ending up giving more than $5,000+ worth crowns codes and bundles away! I knew something wasn't right when I kept seeing him give away 60,000 crown codes. If someone gives away that much, something isn't right and you should contact Kingsisle. Official Fansites listed on the Pirate101 & Wizard101 Fansites might give away a lot of codes but nothing worth that amount of money. Other blogs will probably even have contests but if it seems too good to be true, then don't take that chance to enter for a code. I have a few steps you should take to keep your account safe just in case something like this happens again.

  • Gifts For Passwords: Don't give away your account information to anyone! You're supposed to keep your account safe so no one takes your account from you. If you give your account away, it will end up being banned and you'll have to create a new Wizard101 account if you want one. Don't give your password to someone that's promising crowns, bundles or anything. They are just lying so they can get your account that they won't have long. 
  • Crown Generator Codes: One thing I believe that happened on Twitter is that this person had a crowns generator or went on a site that gave away codes like this that were fake but still applied crowns to the game. Kingsisle will always find out if you have put fake crowns on your account so if you end up believing someone that's giving away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of codes and you apply the code to your account, KI will take away those crowns and probably end up suspending you (maybe worse, but I'm not a KI  employee so I don't know). If you are the person that makes the crowns, you will be banned! 
  • Strange Websites: I mentioned above that you shouldn't give away your password for codes and I've noticed that there have been sites that ask for you passwords so they can apply the codes to your account. THEY ARE FAKE! If a site asks for your wizard/pirate password, report it to Kingsisle so they know and then they can have that site taken down. Thank you all for reading and please follow these tips so you can keep your account safe!


Unknown said...

Thank you Edward for putting this blog post out there! We would like to think all pirates and wizards throughout the spiral are trustworthy and especially when it comes to gifts or prizes. This post is a great reminder to our pirates and wizards to take a step back before making that decision to claim a prize as you say is "too good to be true". Thank you again for keeping us in the know and above all informed.

Chrissy The Blesser said...

Well said and should be well heeded. That kind of generosity is not normal and it sent up red flags to me too and I stayed away from it all. The instant that person whined that they got a warning from KingsIsle that their codes were a bannable offence I immediately unfollowed them and did not accuse, I just waited. I know we should not bully nor accuse without facts so I waited. What we should have done was to be wise. If we had one of those suspicious codes then we should simply email KingsIsle and just ask. They, above all, appreciate honesty from us and rejoice when we inform them of things we think are "Just not right". They don't punish for a query and will clear us when we do the right thing.
I have experience in this when I saw a training tome in Pirates that was not disappearing once collected. Someone told me about it and said they had collected hundreds of tomes. I went to the spot and verified this by picking up 10 tomes and then the first thing I did was to notify KingsIsle of this and told them that 10 of my tomes were from my test. They thanked me for my honesty and removed the tomes and told me I was safe from any sanctions in that matter. They swiftly took care of the broken tome and had no problems seeing who had taken advantage of the glitch.
You cannot hide your activities when using a computer. They record everything and if you engage in nefarious activities you WILL be found out and corrected.
Instead of moaning and complaining about how you were punished, don't do the wrong activity in the first place. KingsIsle are not the bad guys for punishing bad behaviour, the doers of deeds that you knew were wrong in the first place are.
If it seems too good to be true then use your brain and stop and think about what you are doing and take that simple safety step and just ask KingsIsle if the code is ok. Being up front will clear you and will keep you out of trouble. Having a couple of days delay in using a legitimate code is a small price to pay for peace of mind and an account that will stay safely yours.
Be honest, be smart and have fun.