May 12, 2014

Edward Lifegem Gets His Level 88 Spell!

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe how much I've leveled this week on my life and fire wizards! Today I'm going to talk about my life wizard since he made it to something I've tried to get for a very long time. I've been wanting to get my new level 88 life spell for awhile now and I'm happy to announce that I finally did the other day. I've been trying to level as much as possible because I know July 4th is not long from now and I'll have to change my background just for the 4th of July. :) I think the 4th Of July is the only reason I love Summer... :P

I really can't believe how much I've leveled this week. It might not seem like I'm leveling that fast but I don't have crowns and I certainly don't have two different accounts to level two or three my wizards at one time. I know that I can level my wizards fast because I have in the past. I don't think it'll be too much of challenge mostly because most of my characters are already close to Khrysalis. :) I know my balance and myth might be a little trouble but I have a good feeling I'll be able to level them too.. Oh wait! This post is supposed to be about my life wizard right?? Uh.. yeah.. Lifegem! 

I've been leveling him through Cloudburst Forest, Alto Alto in Azteca and I think he's doing great so far. I've leveled a level each day. He was level 87 a few days ago and I leveled him to level 88 and he was able to get his new level 88 spell that I'm not even going to try to spell on this post. :) He's currently level 88, about a bar or less from leveling to level 89! I don't think I'm doing too bad considering I've been busy this past weekend. I can't wait to level him again. I think I might do another update at level 90 just because that's 10 levels away! My life wizard is only 11 levels and one bar away from level 100. :D Wish me luck! :) Oh.. the boss for my life spell was hard to defeat because he was myth but I made it through thanks to Gnomes. :D Here's a picture of my life wizard casting his level 88 spell on a golem for the first time.. :) Spinysaur?!

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