June 30, 2014

Post #1: Looking For A New Game

Hello Wizards,

I thought I'd start something fun this week and make a blog post about everything that got me started on Wizard101 and my past experiences on the game. Today I decided to make a post about what I did before I even played Wizard101. Before the 4th of July in 2009, I played games like Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation 2. Crash was my favorite game in the world and I started playing in the early 2000s all the way to at least 2008 or 2009. I knew it was time to look for a new game in 2009 because I was starting to get a little bored of the games I was playing and thought a computer game would be fun to play!

Don't get me wrong, Crash is still one of my favorite games but I thought it was time to play another game to see if I liked it.. Some time went by and I didn't play many video games at all and thought I wouldn't play many until new ones were released because I tried looking up games online such as World of Warcraft and POTCO and they didn't interest me at all mostly because of all of the lag they had and I had an older computer that wouldn't make it through all that lag. I decided to quit both games and start playing Club Penguin and liked the game until I had to pay... :P In 2009 I was looking forward to the Fourth of July, just like I do every year, and it started to rain!!! I knew that day would be ruined because of the rain and I wouldn't be able to shoot fireworks with my family so I went to my room and turned on Cartoon Network.... Wait... I'm getting ahead of myself now... You'll have to see what happens next, tomorrow! (I promise I'm not promoting anything other than the game Wizard101 and soon to be Pirate101)! :D I'll see you tomorrow with Post #2

June 29, 2014

Pirate101 NXP Recap + Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Last night I had an NXP Event which was a lot of fun and I thought I'd blog about that and announce the contest winners... Should I announce the winners first or blog about what I thought about my event last night? Hmm... I think I'll blog about the contest winners! :P Ha! Oh, before I do, I want to thank all of you for coming to my event last night! I think that's the most people I've had at an NXP Event. :) Ya'll rock!!

Contest Winners-
 Had to Email the Three Keywords, Entered All in Random.Org:  Hook, Ship & Yum!

Jacob Deaththorn
Clown Fish Pet + 10,000 Crowns

Blaze Firebreath
Hammerhead Shark + 5,000 Crowns

Epic Patrick
Hammerhead Shark + 5,000 Crowns

Ian Sharp
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

Miss Tech
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

T Gibson
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

Thank you all for entering my contest! I chose the keywords above because I wanted to name three main things that represent this game that I thought would be perfect to use for this contest. :D  If you think this is a fun contest idea, make sure to click that :D face on the reactions below so I know and I'll have another contest that's similar to this contest in the future. :) I hope you all had a great time and glad you took time out of your Saturday to come to my event! Here's hoping I have even more fun events in the future... :D Here's a few pictures of the event that I thought I'd share with you all. :D 

- Thank you again for showing up! I had a lot of fun and hope you did too. :)

June 28, 2014

Edward Lifegem Learns Shadow Magic & Gets His Level 98 Life Pet!

Hello Wizards,

I have some exciting news about my life character today.. Well.. you should already know it by reading the title of this post. My life wizard has finally learned Shadow Magic and earned his Level 98 Life Pet, Dryad! The good thing is that I had help for the eclipse tower.. If you don't want to take a long time leveling through the Eclipse Tower alone, just ask for help from a friend. :) I have been looking forward to shadow magic and my level 98 life pet since Khrysalis Part 2 was released. I still can't believe my life is level 98, I guess hard work does pay off. I know I had a lot of interruptions in the past few months but that won't stop me from getting my character to level 100 before next Friday. :D

He's not far from making it to level 100. I remember deciding in April that I would level my life wizard again to see how far he would get.. I started leveling in Avalon and now I'm almost in Khrysalis Part 2 (or I am, I really don't know if I am or not)! I have a good feeling I will get all of my wizards to level 100 before August 4th. I'm glad I have you all because if you wasn't here, I wouldn't be leveling my wizards to 100 as fast as I am now. It probably doesn't seem like I'm leveling them fast enough but considering all of the stuff that happened in the past two months... you can call me speedy! 

Since I made it to level 95, I've noticed that it's easier to defeat the bosses in Khrysalis alone... Matter of fact, this morning I had to defeat a nearly 30,000 health ice boss and one of his storm minions. That boss did take awhile to defeat but I made it through! I remember fighting malistaire long ago with four other friends and I thought he would be the most difficult boss and thought a 20,000 health boss would be crazy and we'd never be able to defeat a boss like that... Now that cap is level 100 instead of level 50, I change my mind and say a 50,000 health boss would be crazy!!! I'm kidding. :D Anyways... here's the moment you've all been waiting for.... Here's my life Dryad pet, Stella!!! 

Thanks for reading, I'll see you next time when I make it to level 100! :D

June 27, 2014


Hey again!

I wanted to make another short blog post about the reactions below each blog post I make. If you've read a recent blog post all the way through, you'll notice a ton of reactions that you click on below the post. I added this option so I know what you all think of my blog posts so I know I'm doing the right thing on my blog posts. Lets talk about my NXP Event I'm having this Saturday.. This Saturday I'm having a Contest with Event I'm having on Pirate101 and I think it's a great idea for a contest, but I would like to know what you all think about my idea.

- If you look below the picture attached and Posted By, you'll notice reactions that you can click on. For example: If you're excited about my contest and think it's a great idea, click on the :D, :), or :O reaction. The reactions above is a part of a picture so I want you to try this feature out by clicking on one of the reactions below.. You can click on any reaction below. If there's a not so great post, click on that D: reaction! Thank you for your time and if you do have any questions, comment below!

It's Time To Say Goodbye To.....

Hi there,

Okay... Lately I've been thinking A LOT about... well... removing some ads on the bottom of my site after the 4th of July. I'm sure a few of you were worried that my site has some kind of virus and that isn't true. I've had these advertisements at the bottom of my site rolling since the end of last year and I decided that after this month I'm going to remove them. It's time to say goodbye to the advertisements! Oh wait... did you think I was leaving?? I don't think so! I'm going to be here awhile, so get used to me. :) Thanks for reading this short little blog post. OH... before I forget.. I added a new thing to my blog where if you scroll down enough you can click on the up arrow (at the bottom right) and you can scroll right back to the top of the blog. I think it's a great thing to have on this blog since I make long blog posts.. Anyways.. I hope you all are having a great Friday! Thanks again for reading. :)

June 24, 2014

Pirate101 NXP Event/ Contest!

Ahoy Pirates,

Apologies for not posting as much lately! I've been sick and haven't had time to level on Pirate101. I do have a way to make that up to you. I am going to have a Pirate101 NXP Event this Saturday! If you show up to my event, you'll have a chance to win a code. If you would like more info. about this, keep reading!

  • Pirate101 Event/ Contest: Show up to my NXP event to level your nautical level as much as you can and also have a chance to win a code at a later time. To win this code, you have to stay at least 30 minutes at my NXP event. I will type three keywords within the event: One Keyword at the five minute mark of the event, another at the 20 minute mark of the event and the last keyword at the 30 minute mark of the event. You have to show up at first to hear the first keyword. If you have text chat you will be able to see these keywords! 
  • Event Starts Saturday & Contest Ends Sunday: My event will start at 5:00 P.M. CST this Saturday, June 28th. We'll be meeting up in One-Eyed Jack Realm in Avery's Court. Please meet up before 5:00 P.M. CST so you hear the first keyword five minutes after the event starts. I will port everyone to Archaen Skyway, Aquila so we can fight Captain Spartacos along with surrounding ships to nautical as much as we can. Don't forget, I will be typing out three keywords during this event... keep reading for more information about that..
  • Keywords, Email, Winners Announced Sunday: During this event, I will be typing three words at 5:05, 5:20 and 5:30 CST. Make sure you're at the event to read the keywords and once I type them, write them down because you'll have to email me with the three keywords you see. Email: edwardfrostgem@gmail.com and be entered to win one of six prizes by random.org: Clowns Fish Pet + 10,000 Crowns, Two Hammerhead Shark + 5,000 Crowns (one code per person), Three Thresher Shark Pets (one code per person). This contest will end at 12:00 P.M. CST Sunday and I will email the winners shortly after and make a blog post of the events and winners.

If you didn't want to read that (I don't either ;D), contest starts Saturday at 5:00 P.M. CST along with event, meetup in One-Eyed Jack Realm in Avery's Court where you add Edward my Witchdoctor, write down the keywords I type during the event, email the keywords to my email, contest ends at 12:00 P.M. CST Sunday so make sure you email the words before that time. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at my event!

If you have any questions, comment below!

Mechanical Owl Pets Are Now In Pirate101 Crowns Shop!

Ahoy Pirates,

There's a new epic pet in the crowns shop! The Mechanical Owl pet can be bought with 2,500 crowns in the Pirate101 Crowns shop today. :D This pet is so cool, I know I will be getting one for my swashbuckler once I get crowns. Click on that :D reaction below if you think this is an awesome addition to Pirate101. Thank you for reading this short little blog post. I hope you enjoy your new pet if you do decide to buy one! If you don't have enough crowns at the moment (like me) to buy one of those pets, you can buy crowns on the Pirate101 website by clicking on the image attached. If you want to earn crowns, visit the Kingsisle Free Games website and earn 100 crowns a day by playing Pirate101 Trivia (there's also other Trivia on this site) and earn those crowns to buy yourself one of these awesome pets. Add the math, 100 x 25= 2,500 which means in less than a month you could buy yourself one of these pets if you earn the crowns. If you would like more information about that, just click HERE.

Don't Be That Boss..

Hello Wizards!

How have you been lately?! I've been sick and couldn't log onto the game until today. No worries though, I'm feeling better and  I wanted to make a short little post about what I've been trying to do on the game lately and if I will make it to level 100 on my life wizard before NEXT Friday! I'm shocked that next Friday is my 5th wizardversary.. That means I've been on Kingsisle's games for just about five years! I'm happy I'm still playing the games even after five years. I hope I play another five years! :) Anyways... back to my wizards. I've been trying to level lately but things keep happening where I can't level and this makes me wonder if I'll have time to make it to level 100 on my life before next Friday.

Today I had to fight a boss, Tymen Whiteflame, and this boss was not an easy boss to solo through. I don't have crowns all of the time so it's not easy to buy a henchmen to solo through without any help from friends. I decided to use team up today, the feature that I haven't tried before today to see if I could get help from someone on the same quest. Matthew Fireheart ended up joining the same battle (I'm shocked there wasn't more people since it's Summer), and we had a little bit of trouble with healing because the life minions that joined his battle kept using gnomes on me and I couldn't heal us since the life dispels were on me from the gnomes spell. We did get help from a really good friend and I'm happy and very lucky to have a friend to help when I'm in trouble. 

After we finished there was a bug where the boss showed up and Matthew couldn't collect the quest he was supposed to collect. SO LONG MATTHEW... HA! Lol if you believe that, then you don't really know me. :) I ended up helping him and my friend that helped us with the battle before helped too. I did have a headache after because I was hoping to level to level 97 before I logged out and couldn't since I knew I'd be a little busy this afternoon. I'm not upset anymore about that because I know I have over a week before the Fourth of July and I'll make it. Anyways, we made it through the second fight without trouble. I'm hoping to quest again tomorrow or Thursday to see if I make it to level 98. I know I told you all on my last post that my next post would be about my life pet but I decided to make a post today! :D Anyways, I'm done for now. Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope to see you around the Spiral. :)

Maybe this wasn't a short blog post.... :O

June 19, 2014

My Life Soloed A Dungeon!

Hello Wizards!

It's Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday and we're so close to the weekend. Did you know Summer officially starts on Saturday? :D I thought Summer started about a month or two ago but I see I'm wrong. It's been raining a lot here so I guess that is normal since its still Spring. Storm wizards, I like rain but sometime we need to see the sun. :P Anyways.. It was raining today and I decided to log on Wizard101 a little bit this morning to level and to see how far I would get in a dungeon that I knew I needed to finish..

Today I had to quest through Banyan Tower in Zafaria. I didn't quest a few days because I knew there was no possible way I could solo this dungeon, especially since there were four myth enemies in the beginning of the dungeon. I decided to log on early this morning and start questing to see how far I could get in the dungeon and I ended up defeating all of the myth enemies! There was another level with ice enemies and of course there were four of them and they kept stunning me...

Each time one ice enemy stunned me, another tried stunning me and that took of the stun shield which met the next round they could stun me again. I was thinking about logging out since I couldn't hit at all since they kept stunning me and then I found the stun shield card! I cast that spell and it helped a lot, they couldn't hit me at all again. I ended up using a forest lord that hit about 5,000 on each enemy and the ice enemies had about 4,000 health. I decided to move on to the boss after I defeated the ice enemies and I thought I was safe since I had 50 crowns for a just in case henchmen. :P

Once I joined the fight I had a bad feeling because he kept using a hit each round that did damage over time and gnomes that got rid of my chance to hit as soon as possible. I decided to use Guardian Spirit before I died so I could try to heal and after I used it he ended up killing me with a hit and I didn't finish the dungeon. THE END! LOL, I'm kidding! I had bottles so I could get all of my health and any extra mana that I used in the battle back. I use the teleport back to dungeon option **Love that option, KI** and I tried to defeat him again... This time I was successful and ended up hitting him with a strong gnome. The boss, Kravenly The Hunter is a life boss with 18,800 health and I hit him with a 30,000 hit.. OVERKILL! I completed the dungeon which is very good! I'm shocked I did, but I'll never doubt my wizard again without trying. :D That's all I have today, other than the strong hit screenshot below, but I will have another post once I make it to 98. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral!

June 18, 2014

Reuniting The Magnificent Seven (Pt. 2)

Ahoy Pirates!

I apologize for not blogging as much lately! I have been so busy in real life during my Pirate101 questing times and I really want to log on and play as much as possible. I have been playing a lot of Wizard101 lately because of a bet I made with myself and everyone. I think after August I will make a bet with myself again for Pirate101. We'll have to see what happens and how much time I have since I'll be starting college in August. I know I usually don't post about this sort of thing on Pirate101 blog posts but I thought I would today before I start my Edward Cringle post... I plan on getting my Associates in AAS under Computer Programming! Wish me luck? :D I will also be taking some web design classes which will be a lot of fun! Other than that, that's all I've been doing in real life. I have had a little bit of time to level on Pirate101 but haven't had time to post about the last quest I was on. :O

On my last blog post I had to start reuniting the Magnificent Seven because the Wild Bunch is blocking the Haunted Skyway which is a Skyway I need to get in to find Captain Blood's Lair. I met with Sly Winkum since he was part of Captain Blood's crew that betrayed him. I needed to see if he knew where his lair was located and he told me the haunted skyway (the skyway I need to get in of course). I started by finding one of the Magnificent Seven, Duck Holiday. Duck Holiday told me that he wouldn't join unless I found four others: Buffalo Bill, Jane, Bat and Three Bills. I had to start by finding Buffalo Bill. 

I found Buffalo Bill and he told me that he wouldn't join the Magnificent Seven. We made a wager that if I lost a fight with Tyson the Chicken that I would owe him five gold coins and if I won, he would join again! I didn't win for about 5 fights and ended up giving him 25 gold.... Kidding. Or Am I? Nah... I'm kidding around. :D I won the first fight and after I finished fighting him I had to talk to Buffalo Bill. Bill joined the Magnificent Seven after I told him that I won the fight and that means I'm 2/7 the way there. Well... I should say 2/6.. I don't think this is as difficult as the Brother Wolf quest... so far.. but I am having a lot of fun leveling on this quest. I promise the next blog post will have a lot more to it and if it doesn't, you can comment on my next post and tell me that I don't belong in the swashbuckler class. :P Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to see you around the spiral... OH, look at the picture below for a sneak peek of my next blog post. :D

June 16, 2014

Trying My Best!

Hello Wizards,

The last time I made a blog post about my life wizard, I just entered Khrysalis and I was level 92. My life wizard is now level 96 and almost halfway through Khrysalis! I can't believe how much I've leveled in the past few days and I soloed most of the world. I'm excited about the 4th Of July (as you can tell by the new background) but I'm wanting to get at least one more character to level 100 before that date. I had a little bit of trouble yesterday on my life wizard which makes me worry I'll have more trouble in the second part of Khrysalis.

There was a fight in Khrysalis Part 1 where I had to defeat a storm boss + 3 myth enemies alone and I knew I would have trouble since I didn't have crowns to buy any minions. I usually don't buy minions unless it's a very difficult fight (like Belloq in Azteca). I can't believe how difficult this fight was and thought about all of the other life wizards that tried to solo this boss. The myth enemies kept using earthquake which was bad since I couldn't blade and cast forest lord. Sometime they even use the imp where it dispels life and death spells and that's the spells I was using, feints since I couldn't use blades so I couldn't use any spells without not doing enough damage or losing all of my pips. A friend ended up helping me with the fight that didn't take long at all with help. Thanks! :D

There was another fight before the fight mentioned above. I wanted to post about the fight before because I had an epic picture from it and thought it would be perfect to talk about. The fight before my recent fight was difficult but I ended up making it through! I put this fight off for a few hours before I decided to do it since I had spells that would help me without worrying about fire enemies using efreet and not being able to use my spells without hitting with a wand and getting rid of it. :P I had to fight a life boss + 2 fire enemies and 3v1 wasn't fun but I made it through. I'm happy I can make it on my life wizard. I still can't believe I'm soloing most of Khrysalis on my life wizard, but I'm happy I can make it through. My next life wizard blog post should be about my level 98 pet or my life wizard making it to level 100! Thank you for reading and your support! I'll see you around the spiral. :)

Forest Lord fighting his brother... Yeah, my forest lord won! :D

June 13, 2014

Reuniting The Magnificent Seven (Pt. 1)

Ahoy Pirates!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today I have a new Edward Cringle blog post for you all to read and probably another one tomorrow since I leveled a lot last weekend and didn't have a chance to publish the posts I wanted to publish earlier in the week. I love leveling on Pirate101 so much that sometimes I forget that I need to make blog posts on this site and last weekend that happened to me! :P I'm glad it did because I still have screenshots and I remember what happened when I leveled last weekend. I also remember what happened on my last post.. :D

On my last blog I had to sail to Santo Pollo, Cool Ranch to reunite Don Rodrigo and Mustang Sally. They ended up having a wedding that I didn't even get an invitation to after all of that hard work. :P Anyways, after all of that I ended up talking to Don Rafael about Captain Blood and the location of his lair. Don Rafael told me that he didn't know where his lair is located but he knows one of his crewmen that betrayed him before his last battle might know something. I had to sail to Tumbleweed to talk to Sly Winkum, one of Blood's crewmen, but he was in trouble when I tried talking to him. I had to fight a few enemies including a boss called Waco Kid (this fight wasn't hard at all). After I defeat the enemies I talk to Sly outside in the Saloon and he told me that he doesn't know where Captain Blood's hideout is but it is in a Haunted Skyway that is blocked by a gang called the Wild Bunch that can't be stopped.

 Timmy told me that The Magnificent Seven could stop the Wild Bunch if I reunite them. The Magnificent Seven is a group that put all of the bad guys in jail and made sure the skyways in Cool Ranch were safe. They ended up going their separate ways so that means I need to talk to them so they can reunite again so I can make it to the Haunted Skyway so I can find Captain Blood's Lair/Treasure. The first member of the Seven is Duck Holiday and I had to find him and ask him if he would join the group again. I found out from Duck Holiday that the group leader Wyatt is, is (not a typing mistake), and he would not join unless I get three other members of the group: Jane, Bat and Three Bills, to join again. I have to talk to Buffalo Bill first to see if he will join the group again. I'm going to finish this blog post but I will make another blog post tomorrow! I hope to see you then and have a nice Friday! I'll see you around the spiral. :D

Edward Lifegem Makes It To Khrysalis!

Hello Wizards,

I wanted to make a little update post about my life wizard today! Yesterday he made it to Khrysalis! The past few days I haven't had internet and that meant I couldn't level but I'm back now and I've been leveling a lot more than I have been. :D I have three weeks left before my 5th Wizardversary and I'm trying to level as much as I can before that date. I haven't been doing bad considering my internet was turned on again yesterday. I won't tell you exactly where my wizard is because I want it to be a surprise so instead, I'm going to blog about the last dungeon of Azteca and the beginning of Azteca. :D

Yesterday I completed Azteca with a new friend I met in the spiral, Angel, and a few other friends on my list! Thanks for helping us with this dungeon, you know who you are! :) This dungeon wasn't hard to finish and was a lot of fun. I think it was fun because I was excited about finishing Azteca and Khrysalis is my new favorite world so I knew I'd get to level there soon. I liked leveling in Azteca but for me, it takes a long time to finish the world. I'm ready to level in Khrysalis because I know I'll have a lot more fun and it has a very interesting storyline.

I entered Khrysalis today and I knew it would be fun leveling because this world is a lot easier to solo, well in my words. I have a life wizard that can hit and heal if he needs to so it's not that hard to level through the worlds alone... unless there's a dungeon! It's also hard to defeat myth enemies because of their earthquakes and imps that dispel life and death. Other than that, I know I'll have a lot of fun in Khrysalis and I can't wait to tell you what I think about the entire world as a whole after my life wizard finishes it. Anyways, thanks for reading and wish me luck in Khrysalis! I don't think I'll need good luck, even if it's Friday the 13th! I'll see you around the spiral. :D

June 12, 2014

My 1,000th Blog Post!

Hi There!

This is my 1000th blog post I made on this site! I can't believe I've made 1,000 posts on this blog. When I first created this blog in 2010 I thought I'd at least make 100 posts but the extra zero at the end makes it crazy AND awesome! There's really no words because I'm still shocked this is my 1000th post and I'm going to hit that publish button the 1000th time. LOL I mean... 1,000?!?! WOW.. I bet you all can't even count how many times I say 1,000... 1,000... 1,000!! Okay I'm done, maybe..... :P Anyways, I want to thank all of you for reading this blog. It really means a lot that you take time out of your day to read my blog posts that are crazy, random, weird, awesome, exciting, boring, or a post like this that might be all of the above.. Well excluding boring! Seriously though... I really don't know what to type up and that's probably why I'm using a lot of dots to make this post look like a longer post than it really is. :D THANK YOU!!! I love blogging about the games we all love and making posts for you all to read about my gaming experience. I would also like to thank Kingsisle for making the awesome games Wizard101 and Pirate101 because they are my favorite games and probably the only games I play. If you would have ask me on Wizard101 4-5 years ago if I would blog about the game, I'd probably ask you what a blog was... LOL. Now that I know what a blog is and I have my two favorite games, Kingsisle and this wonderful community of friends. I don't think I'll ever stop blogging which is great! I know there will be times that I won't be able to blog because I'll start college soon but I do know I will blog until I at least hit 2,000, 3,000, 4,000... 5,000; whatever I hit I know it'll be a lot of fun because I don't think I'll ever want to stop blogging, 1,000 posts, haha.. I lied. Anyways, I decided to have a small email contests just for my 1,000th blog post for 1,000 crowns for BOTH Wizards and Pirates! :D Keep reading for more information...

  • Email Me One Blog Post You Love/Remember: I would like both wizards and pirates to email a link of one of their favorite blog posts they remember reading + if they are a wizard or pirate included in the email (if you don't tell me if you're a wizard or pirate, you won't be entered in a contest) Please only enter once so everyone has a chance to win. I'll be giving away two 1,000 crown codes to pirates and two 1,000 codes to wizards at random. I will email you if you win and this contest ENDS TODAY June 12th at 6:00 P.M. CST. Make sure you enter by emailing me at: edwardfrostgem@gmail.com! 

Ian Stormstaff gave me the idea to post a pic of a cat :D Thanks Ian. :) Had to add this picture!

June 8, 2014

Edward Lifegem Is Close To Finishing Azteca!

Hello Wizards!

I've been leveling a lot lately on the game and my life wizard is about to finish Khrysalis. I can't believe how long it's taken me to finish Azteca but I am happy my life is close to level cap. I don't know if all of my wizards will make it to level 100 by July 4th but I do know my life will be one of my characters to make it to level 100. :D I know I made an update the other day about my life wizard but I really didn't get to tell you where he was and what I thought about questing at the end of Azteca on my life wizard..

My life wizard is currently in Twin Mountains, and Edward just got through defeating Belloq today with help from minions from the crowns shop. A few posts before, I just made it to the Twin Mountains and now I believe I'm almost done questing through Azteca! I believe I'm a few quests away from the last dungeon of the world. :) My life wizard is currently level 92 which means I'm only 8 levels away from 100! I think Khrysalis is way easier than Azteca because I really love questing in Khrysalis. :) I can't wait to enter that world, I know I'll be able to quest my life a lot faster than I have in Azteca. I promise Azteca isn't a hard world, but it does take time to quest through the world. I don't think it's been bad because my life can heal and hit which is awesome. :D Anyways, my next questing post should be about my life wizard entering Khrysalis! Thank you all for your support and I hope to make it to level 100 soon. Oh... before I end this post, I wanted to tell you that this is post #999! My next post will be post #1000 which means I've made 1,000 posts on this blog! I can't believe I've made that many posts on this blog. I thank all of you for all of your support. :) I should go because I need to think about what to say on my next blog post. Thanks for reading and I'll see you around the spiral. :)

June 6, 2014

A Wedding?!

Ahoy Pirates!

I didn't really want to make a new post because I'm getting close to my 1000th blog post! I'm still shocked I've made 998 posts (counting this post) on this blog so far. I guess you can say I'm addicted to Kingsisle's games. They made amazing games and I'm glad I created both of my accounts for both games because I enjoy sharing my adventures and thoughts about the games with you and Kingsisle. :) Anyways... I'll have my 1000th blog post in the next few days! Wish me luck. I'm trying to think of a good post to make and I believe it'll be a Wizard101 and Pirate101 related post. :) That's not what I plan on blogging about today though... I leveled my swashbuckler again and thought I'd share what happened after Fort Elena. :)

On my last blog posts I had to break into Fort Elena prison to break out Mustang Sally and Napoleguin for Catbeard. The dungeon wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since the dungeon has a few yum yum fruits floating around which made it easy to enter the next fight with full health. I also got a companion training tome from the dungeon and I leveled one of my companions. :D After Fort Elena, I had to sail back to Catspaw to tell Catbeard the good news, or show Catbeard the good news. I had to take Mabel, the governor's daughter, back to Port Regal. The governor told me that the Brass Monkey escaped Fort Elena and he may want revenge. I'm not worried about him because I know the future... :O Anyways, after I returned Mabel and talk to the governor, I had to sail to Gortez's ship with Mustang Sally and Napoleguin. Gortez wanted me to break Napoleguin out of Fort Elena so he could win a war in Monquista and I needed to break out Mustang Sally to reunite her with Gortez. I told Mustang Sally about her father and she said she wanted to go back to Santo Pollo! This means I can finally start blogging about Cool Ranch again. :D I kinda miss blogging about Cool Ranch.. Anyone else miss it? :) 

I had to talk to Don Rodrigo and show him the Mustang Sally/ Carolina was back and they still wanted to get married! True love? :) After I was done talking to Don Rodrigo I talk to Friar Cluck and told him that Don and Carolina wanted to get married and he was glad to hear the news and told me that a visitor was inside the Church waiting for me. I walked into the Church and found Don Rafael. He promised me on so many posts back that he would help me find Captain Blood if I helped him reunite Don Rodrigo and Carolina so that means I'm back on my main quest. :D Don Rafael told me that he fought battles with Captain Blood but doesn't know where his lair is and has never seen the map to El Dorado which makes me wonder he didn't tell me that after all of these quests! :P I guess I'm happy I reunited Don and Carolina. :P Don then told me that in Captain Blood's final battle, Blood's crew betrayed him and that they might know where his lair is located. Don told me that one of his crew members, Sly Winkum from Tumbleweed, might be able to help me. I promise, next time I'm going to sail to Tumbleweed before doing all of these quests to talk to someone else. I'm SO mad..... LOL, Kidding. :) I love Pirate101! Anyways, I think that's all I'm going to blog about today. My next Pirate101 post should be my 1000th post, so Happy Early 1000! :) Thanks for reading everyone!!

June 4, 2014

July 4th or August 4th?

Hello Wizards!

I haven't had time to log onto the game and that means I haven't had time to level my characters to level 100. I've been trying my best to level all of them so I meet my goal by July 4th but I haven't had too much luck. I've leveled my fire wizard to level 100, and I'm hoping my life wizard is the next wizard to make it to 100. I'm hoping I make it to level 100 on all of my wizards by July 4th (one month from now), but if I don't make that goal of July 4th, I will make it by the end of my Summer.

In April I announced that I would level all of my wizards to level 100. A lot happened last month and I couldn't level, so that means I'm behind and this is why I think it would be a great idea to finish before Summer ends if I don't make that goal by July 4th. I have that feeling I'll get at least another two wizards leveled to 100 before July 4th so wish me luck! :D How many times have I said July 4th on this post?! LOL. July 4th, July 4th, July 4th!! :P I guess I'm shocked it's almost been five years since I created my wizard101 account. Time sure does fly by when you're having fun! Oh... talk about flying, I flew my pioneer dragon over fire!! Don't believe me? Look at the picture above. :D It didn't burn, probably because I'm a life wizard and I put a protection spell on before I flew over it. :P Anyways, I should end this post now because I have a busy day today and I hope you all have a great Wednesday! Tomorrow's Thursday and the day after is Friday. The weekend is almost here. :) Well, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great week. I've decided to make up a new date to finish.. AUGUST 4th! It's 16 days before I start college (I need time after to figure out a schedule of posting and leveling). Do you think August 4th is a good idea? Click the :D in the reactions below the picture below if you do. :) Thank you again for reading!

June 2, 2014

Fort Elena (1/2)

Ahoy Pirates!

How have you been?! I hope you all are had a great weekend. Oh... Happy June! Most of you should be out of school or close to your last day of school. Are you planning on playing Pirate101 this Summer? :D I plan on playing a lot this Summer and of course go swimming, fishing, camping, watch movies at the movie theater, bbq, fireworks, my birthday, can't think of anything else to add but that doesn't mean there's nothing else, Haha. :D Yeah, I have a busy Summer but I know it's going to be a fun one since I have Pirate101 to play on those rainy days or days it's too hot to go outside. Yeah... It's supposed to rain every single day this week! Storm wizards... please stop making it storm/rain so much. :P

Like I said, it's supposed to rain the entire week but it's also been raining the past week and I had time to play Pirate101. :D I can't tell you how much I miss leveling on Pirate101 when I'm busy or take breaks. I do love this game and I'm so happy to be back and share my gaming experience with you! Okay.. I need to stop rambling because I have a long post for you all today. :D I've been leveling my swashbuckler again this week and before I talk about what I did this week.. lets talk about what I did last week. :D Last week I had to sink ten Armada ships which took awhile because they were tougher ships but it wasn't that difficult to sink the ships. I had to defeat these ships to start a war between Marleybone and the Armada so I could get into Fort Elena. After I complete that quest, Catbeard asked me to go to Dreadnaught's dungeon to destroy one of the Armada's machines. He said that the Armada would blame Marleybone for the attack if I made it out of there fast enough. I did and I sailed back to the Catspaw to tell Catbeard the good news? :P Catbeard told me that while I was in Dreadnaught, Marleybone captured a leader of the Armada and locked him in Fort Elena and that the Armada is now attacking Fort Elena. The guards in Fort Elena are distracted and that means I can go to the prison and break out Mustang Sally and the Penguin's name I can't spell at the moment. :D

After I talk to Catbeard and found out everything I had to do, I sailed to Fort Elena and entered the dungeon and as soon as I entered I had to defeat four redcoats. Make sure you have full health when you enter the dungeon so you don't get defeated the first round. I can't tell you how many times I've made that mistake and I was defeated. :P After I defeat the four redcoats I had to find a way into the prison itself which was locked. Ratbeard found a cannon that I could use on a wall that was already crumbling so I could make my way in. :D 

As you can see in the pictures above, I made it into the Fort Elena prison and I had keys for every cell in the prison so I can free Sally and the Penguin. :D After I got the keys I ended up running into more redcoats and I had to defeat them. Then I ran into a boss. :O I'm going to end this part one of the blog post now and link you to part two so you can read that post! I can already tell this is going to be a very long post so for the first time.. I'm going to split this post into two posts that you can read! This post will be published first and the second one right after this one. If you would like to read part 2 of my Fort Elena Post, CLICK HERE or click the image below! :D

June 1, 2014

Fort Elena (2/2)

Ahoy Pirates!

This is my second post of my Fort Elena post! I didn't want to keep the blog going so I decided to make a second post especially since I added a ton of pictures on my last post. Okay... Lets see.. where were we? Oh yeah.. Corporal Klegg! He was pretty easy to defeat. The only trouble I had was entering with less health because of the previous fight with the redcoats. I didn't have to buy a minion from the crowns shop with this fight, so that's awesome!

After I defeat Corporal Klegg, I had to go down to the lower cells of Fort Elena to find Mustang Sally! If you don't remember I had to find Mustang Sally and tell her that her Father wants to apologize for what he did to her and El Toro. Now that we caught up to Mustang Sally after we break her out, we'll be able to go back to Cool Ranch and reunite El Toro and Mustang Sally. After I freed Mustang Sally I ran into the Armada! They ended up defeating me and I didn't get to finish the dungeon.. See you all around the Spiral. LOL, Kidding!!! No... Don't leave! You have to see me make it out of this dungeon before you leave. :)

The Armada says hello! After I defeated the Armada soldiers, which were pretty easy to defeat, I noticed the penguin's name I can't spell until I post a picture to this blog with his name and I had to free him. :) Before I went over to free him I noticed Phule (the brass monkey was also in this dungeon and he says he will get his revenge, and trust me he will in a way and so will I). Phule only told me that the map would be theirs, nothing new. I still think we'll make it to El Dorado before they do and we will win! Hahaha!!! I promise I'm not crazy, I'm sure after this post you might think I am. :P

Napoleguin was happy I was here to free him and wasn't upset about the time it took me to sink 30 ships, and defeat countless enemies. He ended up telling me that I was an awesome pirate and he gave me 60,000 crowns and 150,000 gold! I wish! :P  He told me that he wouldn't leave this prison without something very important. I found that important thing was a hat! I also found a companion training tome in this dungeon on a table in the area where you have to find his hat. Make sure you get that tome because it might help you on future quests where you need a higher level companion. :) After finding his hat I ran into more Armada soldiers and it took a little while to defeat them because I was eating lunch but we made it through! I gave Napoleguin his hat and ran into Redcoats and had to defeat them. I had to help Napoleguin free his valet before we could escape the dungeon and after freeing his valet and his guardsmen, we ran into at least three rounds of Armada soldiers not counting the round before freeing his valet. If you are about to do this dungeon make sure you have enough health for each battle before you join.

This image is proof KI spends time on their graphics which is awesome! :D After defeating the Armada soldiers we finally completed Fort Elena and managed to rescue Mustang Sally and Napoleguin! One of my companions was actually defeated on the last fight. I was hoping to say my companions wasn't defeated on this post but that happened and I'm not going to lie to you all. :) This dungeon wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm glad I made it through it today without having to buy any henchmen. The good thing about this dungeon is that there is yum yum fruit floating around so you won't run out of health if you wait after each battle for that yum to reach you so you have full health before the next battle. Other than that, we're done with this post for now. I have one last image to attach before I end this post so you know what Catbeard said. Now that I'm tired because I made these posts at the same time, I'm going to stop now and enjoy reading this post. :) Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed. :D I will have more posts soon!! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.

I leveled to level 31 after turning this quest in! :D You'll see that on my next blog post!