June 24, 2014

Don't Be That Boss..

Hello Wizards!

How have you been lately?! I've been sick and couldn't log onto the game until today. No worries though, I'm feeling better and  I wanted to make a short little post about what I've been trying to do on the game lately and if I will make it to level 100 on my life wizard before NEXT Friday! I'm shocked that next Friday is my 5th wizardversary.. That means I've been on Kingsisle's games for just about five years! I'm happy I'm still playing the games even after five years. I hope I play another five years! :) Anyways... back to my wizards. I've been trying to level lately but things keep happening where I can't level and this makes me wonder if I'll have time to make it to level 100 on my life before next Friday.

Today I had to fight a boss, Tymen Whiteflame, and this boss was not an easy boss to solo through. I don't have crowns all of the time so it's not easy to buy a henchmen to solo through without any help from friends. I decided to use team up today, the feature that I haven't tried before today to see if I could get help from someone on the same quest. Matthew Fireheart ended up joining the same battle (I'm shocked there wasn't more people since it's Summer), and we had a little bit of trouble with healing because the life minions that joined his battle kept using gnomes on me and I couldn't heal us since the life dispels were on me from the gnomes spell. We did get help from a really good friend and I'm happy and very lucky to have a friend to help when I'm in trouble. 

After we finished there was a bug where the boss showed up and Matthew couldn't collect the quest he was supposed to collect. SO LONG MATTHEW... HA! Lol if you believe that, then you don't really know me. :) I ended up helping him and my friend that helped us with the battle before helped too. I did have a headache after because I was hoping to level to level 97 before I logged out and couldn't since I knew I'd be a little busy this afternoon. I'm not upset anymore about that because I know I have over a week before the Fourth of July and I'll make it. Anyways, we made it through the second fight without trouble. I'm hoping to quest again tomorrow or Thursday to see if I make it to level 98. I know I told you all on my last post that my next post would be about my life pet but I decided to make a post today! :D Anyways, I'm done for now. Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope to see you around the Spiral. :)

Maybe this wasn't a short blog post.... :O

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Great update and I am not one BIT surprised that you stayed to help. Thanks for the tip about the boss. I will be sure to stock a lot of remove negatives when I get there. Great pictures. You have quite the knack for getting wonderful action shots.
Chrissy The Blesser