June 8, 2014

Edward Lifegem Is Close To Finishing Azteca!

Hello Wizards!

I've been leveling a lot lately on the game and my life wizard is about to finish Khrysalis. I can't believe how long it's taken me to finish Azteca but I am happy my life is close to level cap. I don't know if all of my wizards will make it to level 100 by July 4th but I do know my life will be one of my characters to make it to level 100. :D I know I made an update the other day about my life wizard but I really didn't get to tell you where he was and what I thought about questing at the end of Azteca on my life wizard..

My life wizard is currently in Twin Mountains, and Edward just got through defeating Belloq today with help from minions from the crowns shop. A few posts before, I just made it to the Twin Mountains and now I believe I'm almost done questing through Azteca! I believe I'm a few quests away from the last dungeon of the world. :) My life wizard is currently level 92 which means I'm only 8 levels away from 100! I think Khrysalis is way easier than Azteca because I really love questing in Khrysalis. :) I can't wait to enter that world, I know I'll be able to quest my life a lot faster than I have in Azteca. I promise Azteca isn't a hard world, but it does take time to quest through the world. I don't think it's been bad because my life can heal and hit which is awesome. :D Anyways, my next questing post should be about my life wizard entering Khrysalis! Thank you all for your support and I hope to make it to level 100 soon. Oh... before I end this post, I wanted to tell you that this is post #999! My next post will be post #1000 which means I've made 1,000 posts on this blog! I can't believe I've made that many posts on this blog. I thank all of you for all of your support. :) I should go because I need to think about what to say on my next blog post. Thanks for reading and I'll see you around the spiral. :)

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