June 1, 2014

Fort Elena (2/2)

Ahoy Pirates!

This is my second post of my Fort Elena post! I didn't want to keep the blog going so I decided to make a second post especially since I added a ton of pictures on my last post. Okay... Lets see.. where were we? Oh yeah.. Corporal Klegg! He was pretty easy to defeat. The only trouble I had was entering with less health because of the previous fight with the redcoats. I didn't have to buy a minion from the crowns shop with this fight, so that's awesome!

After I defeat Corporal Klegg, I had to go down to the lower cells of Fort Elena to find Mustang Sally! If you don't remember I had to find Mustang Sally and tell her that her Father wants to apologize for what he did to her and El Toro. Now that we caught up to Mustang Sally after we break her out, we'll be able to go back to Cool Ranch and reunite El Toro and Mustang Sally. After I freed Mustang Sally I ran into the Armada! They ended up defeating me and I didn't get to finish the dungeon.. See you all around the Spiral. LOL, Kidding!!! No... Don't leave! You have to see me make it out of this dungeon before you leave. :)

The Armada says hello! After I defeated the Armada soldiers, which were pretty easy to defeat, I noticed the penguin's name I can't spell until I post a picture to this blog with his name and I had to free him. :) Before I went over to free him I noticed Phule (the brass monkey was also in this dungeon and he says he will get his revenge, and trust me he will in a way and so will I). Phule only told me that the map would be theirs, nothing new. I still think we'll make it to El Dorado before they do and we will win! Hahaha!!! I promise I'm not crazy, I'm sure after this post you might think I am. :P

Napoleguin was happy I was here to free him and wasn't upset about the time it took me to sink 30 ships, and defeat countless enemies. He ended up telling me that I was an awesome pirate and he gave me 60,000 crowns and 150,000 gold! I wish! :P  He told me that he wouldn't leave this prison without something very important. I found that important thing was a hat! I also found a companion training tome in this dungeon on a table in the area where you have to find his hat. Make sure you get that tome because it might help you on future quests where you need a higher level companion. :) After finding his hat I ran into more Armada soldiers and it took a little while to defeat them because I was eating lunch but we made it through! I gave Napoleguin his hat and ran into Redcoats and had to defeat them. I had to help Napoleguin free his valet before we could escape the dungeon and after freeing his valet and his guardsmen, we ran into at least three rounds of Armada soldiers not counting the round before freeing his valet. If you are about to do this dungeon make sure you have enough health for each battle before you join.

This image is proof KI spends time on their graphics which is awesome! :D After defeating the Armada soldiers we finally completed Fort Elena and managed to rescue Mustang Sally and Napoleguin! One of my companions was actually defeated on the last fight. I was hoping to say my companions wasn't defeated on this post but that happened and I'm not going to lie to you all. :) This dungeon wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I'm glad I made it through it today without having to buy any henchmen. The good thing about this dungeon is that there is yum yum fruit floating around so you won't run out of health if you wait after each battle for that yum to reach you so you have full health before the next battle. Other than that, we're done with this post for now. I have one last image to attach before I end this post so you know what Catbeard said. Now that I'm tired because I made these posts at the same time, I'm going to stop now and enjoy reading this post. :) Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed. :D I will have more posts soon!! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.

I leveled to level 31 after turning this quest in! :D You'll see that on my next blog post!

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

More great stuff. You really had me laughing at "The Armada says Hi" :D
You should send that backflip shot to The Friendly Necromancer as an answer to Pirates being able to jump over health bars. :D