June 19, 2014

My Life Soloed A Dungeon!

Hello Wizards!

It's Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday and we're so close to the weekend. Did you know Summer officially starts on Saturday? :D I thought Summer started about a month or two ago but I see I'm wrong. It's been raining a lot here so I guess that is normal since its still Spring. Storm wizards, I like rain but sometime we need to see the sun. :P Anyways.. It was raining today and I decided to log on Wizard101 a little bit this morning to level and to see how far I would get in a dungeon that I knew I needed to finish..

Today I had to quest through Banyan Tower in Zafaria. I didn't quest a few days because I knew there was no possible way I could solo this dungeon, especially since there were four myth enemies in the beginning of the dungeon. I decided to log on early this morning and start questing to see how far I could get in the dungeon and I ended up defeating all of the myth enemies! There was another level with ice enemies and of course there were four of them and they kept stunning me...

Each time one ice enemy stunned me, another tried stunning me and that took of the stun shield which met the next round they could stun me again. I was thinking about logging out since I couldn't hit at all since they kept stunning me and then I found the stun shield card! I cast that spell and it helped a lot, they couldn't hit me at all again. I ended up using a forest lord that hit about 5,000 on each enemy and the ice enemies had about 4,000 health. I decided to move on to the boss after I defeated the ice enemies and I thought I was safe since I had 50 crowns for a just in case henchmen. :P

Once I joined the fight I had a bad feeling because he kept using a hit each round that did damage over time and gnomes that got rid of my chance to hit as soon as possible. I decided to use Guardian Spirit before I died so I could try to heal and after I used it he ended up killing me with a hit and I didn't finish the dungeon. THE END! LOL, I'm kidding! I had bottles so I could get all of my health and any extra mana that I used in the battle back. I use the teleport back to dungeon option **Love that option, KI** and I tried to defeat him again... This time I was successful and ended up hitting him with a strong gnome. The boss, Kravenly The Hunter is a life boss with 18,800 health and I hit him with a 30,000 hit.. OVERKILL! I completed the dungeon which is very good! I'm shocked I did, but I'll never doubt my wizard again without trying. :D That's all I have today, other than the strong hit screenshot below, but I will have another post once I make it to 98. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral!

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