June 29, 2014

Pirate101 NXP Recap + Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Last night I had an NXP Event which was a lot of fun and I thought I'd blog about that and announce the contest winners... Should I announce the winners first or blog about what I thought about my event last night? Hmm... I think I'll blog about the contest winners! :P Ha! Oh, before I do, I want to thank all of you for coming to my event last night! I think that's the most people I've had at an NXP Event. :) Ya'll rock!!

Contest Winners-
 Had to Email the Three Keywords, Entered All in Random.Org:  Hook, Ship & Yum!

Jacob Deaththorn
Clown Fish Pet + 10,000 Crowns

Blaze Firebreath
Hammerhead Shark + 5,000 Crowns

Epic Patrick
Hammerhead Shark + 5,000 Crowns

Ian Sharp
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

Miss Tech
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

T Gibson
Thresher Shark Pet + 1,500 Crowns

Thank you all for entering my contest! I chose the keywords above because I wanted to name three main things that represent this game that I thought would be perfect to use for this contest. :D  If you think this is a fun contest idea, make sure to click that :D face on the reactions below so I know and I'll have another contest that's similar to this contest in the future. :) I hope you all had a great time and glad you took time out of your Saturday to come to my event! Here's hoping I have even more fun events in the future... :D Here's a few pictures of the event that I thought I'd share with you all. :D 

- Thank you again for showing up! I had a lot of fun and hope you did too. :)

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Lovely shots. Just beautiful action captures. Just loved the event. Congrats to all the winners :D
Chrissy The Blesser