June 13, 2014

Reuniting The Magnificent Seven (Pt. 1)

Ahoy Pirates!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today I have a new Edward Cringle blog post for you all to read and probably another one tomorrow since I leveled a lot last weekend and didn't have a chance to publish the posts I wanted to publish earlier in the week. I love leveling on Pirate101 so much that sometimes I forget that I need to make blog posts on this site and last weekend that happened to me! :P I'm glad it did because I still have screenshots and I remember what happened when I leveled last weekend. I also remember what happened on my last post.. :D

On my last blog I had to sail to Santo Pollo, Cool Ranch to reunite Don Rodrigo and Mustang Sally. They ended up having a wedding that I didn't even get an invitation to after all of that hard work. :P Anyways, after all of that I ended up talking to Don Rafael about Captain Blood and the location of his lair. Don Rafael told me that he didn't know where his lair is located but he knows one of his crewmen that betrayed him before his last battle might know something. I had to sail to Tumbleweed to talk to Sly Winkum, one of Blood's crewmen, but he was in trouble when I tried talking to him. I had to fight a few enemies including a boss called Waco Kid (this fight wasn't hard at all). After I defeat the enemies I talk to Sly outside in the Saloon and he told me that he doesn't know where Captain Blood's hideout is but it is in a Haunted Skyway that is blocked by a gang called the Wild Bunch that can't be stopped.

 Timmy told me that The Magnificent Seven could stop the Wild Bunch if I reunite them. The Magnificent Seven is a group that put all of the bad guys in jail and made sure the skyways in Cool Ranch were safe. They ended up going their separate ways so that means I need to talk to them so they can reunite again so I can make it to the Haunted Skyway so I can find Captain Blood's Lair/Treasure. The first member of the Seven is Duck Holiday and I had to find him and ask him if he would join the group again. I found out from Duck Holiday that the group leader Wyatt is, is (not a typing mistake), and he would not join unless I get three other members of the group: Jane, Bat and Three Bills, to join again. I have to talk to Buffalo Bill first to see if he will join the group again. I'm going to finish this blog post but I will make another blog post tomorrow! I hope to see you then and have a nice Friday! I'll see you around the spiral. :D

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