June 18, 2014

Reuniting The Magnificent Seven (Pt. 2)

Ahoy Pirates!

I apologize for not blogging as much lately! I have been so busy in real life during my Pirate101 questing times and I really want to log on and play as much as possible. I have been playing a lot of Wizard101 lately because of a bet I made with myself and everyone. I think after August I will make a bet with myself again for Pirate101. We'll have to see what happens and how much time I have since I'll be starting college in August. I know I usually don't post about this sort of thing on Pirate101 blog posts but I thought I would today before I start my Edward Cringle post... I plan on getting my Associates in AAS under Computer Programming! Wish me luck? :D I will also be taking some web design classes which will be a lot of fun! Other than that, that's all I've been doing in real life. I have had a little bit of time to level on Pirate101 but haven't had time to post about the last quest I was on. :O

On my last blog post I had to start reuniting the Magnificent Seven because the Wild Bunch is blocking the Haunted Skyway which is a Skyway I need to get in to find Captain Blood's Lair. I met with Sly Winkum since he was part of Captain Blood's crew that betrayed him. I needed to see if he knew where his lair was located and he told me the haunted skyway (the skyway I need to get in of course). I started by finding one of the Magnificent Seven, Duck Holiday. Duck Holiday told me that he wouldn't join unless I found four others: Buffalo Bill, Jane, Bat and Three Bills. I had to start by finding Buffalo Bill. 

I found Buffalo Bill and he told me that he wouldn't join the Magnificent Seven. We made a wager that if I lost a fight with Tyson the Chicken that I would owe him five gold coins and if I won, he would join again! I didn't win for about 5 fights and ended up giving him 25 gold.... Kidding. Or Am I? Nah... I'm kidding around. :D I won the first fight and after I finished fighting him I had to talk to Buffalo Bill. Bill joined the Magnificent Seven after I told him that I won the fight and that means I'm 2/7 the way there. Well... I should say 2/6.. I don't think this is as difficult as the Brother Wolf quest... so far.. but I am having a lot of fun leveling on this quest. I promise the next blog post will have a lot more to it and if it doesn't, you can comment on my next post and tell me that I don't belong in the swashbuckler class. :P Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to see you around the spiral... OH, look at the picture below for a sneak peek of my next blog post. :D

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