June 16, 2014

Trying My Best!

Hello Wizards,

The last time I made a blog post about my life wizard, I just entered Khrysalis and I was level 92. My life wizard is now level 96 and almost halfway through Khrysalis! I can't believe how much I've leveled in the past few days and I soloed most of the world. I'm excited about the 4th Of July (as you can tell by the new background) but I'm wanting to get at least one more character to level 100 before that date. I had a little bit of trouble yesterday on my life wizard which makes me worry I'll have more trouble in the second part of Khrysalis.

There was a fight in Khrysalis Part 1 where I had to defeat a storm boss + 3 myth enemies alone and I knew I would have trouble since I didn't have crowns to buy any minions. I usually don't buy minions unless it's a very difficult fight (like Belloq in Azteca). I can't believe how difficult this fight was and thought about all of the other life wizards that tried to solo this boss. The myth enemies kept using earthquake which was bad since I couldn't blade and cast forest lord. Sometime they even use the imp where it dispels life and death spells and that's the spells I was using, feints since I couldn't use blades so I couldn't use any spells without not doing enough damage or losing all of my pips. A friend ended up helping me with the fight that didn't take long at all with help. Thanks! :D

There was another fight before the fight mentioned above. I wanted to post about the fight before because I had an epic picture from it and thought it would be perfect to talk about. The fight before my recent fight was difficult but I ended up making it through! I put this fight off for a few hours before I decided to do it since I had spells that would help me without worrying about fire enemies using efreet and not being able to use my spells without hitting with a wand and getting rid of it. :P I had to fight a life boss + 2 fire enemies and 3v1 wasn't fun but I made it through. I'm happy I can make it on my life wizard. I still can't believe I'm soloing most of Khrysalis on my life wizard, but I'm happy I can make it through. My next life wizard blog post should be about my level 98 pet or my life wizard making it to level 100! Thank you for reading and your support! I'll see you around the spiral. :)

Forest Lord fighting his brother... Yeah, my forest lord won! :D

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