July 31, 2014

Lt. Jim Masterson

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope all of you are having a great Thursday! Today I got to level my swashbuckler and thought I'd make a post since today is my last day of blogging everyday. I've made a blog post about Wizard101 or Pirate101 everyday this month! I'm shocked because it's the first time I've ever made a blog post everyday in one month. I had a lot to blog about this month. :D I also have a lot to talk about today, so get ready for a long post! :D

Before I tell you what I did today, I'm going to talk about the quests I had to complete on my last post. On my last blog post I defeated the Wild Bunch and finally entered the Haunted Skyway. I sailed to Fort McMurtry to find Captain Blood's firstmate. I found Colonel Church and he told me that he wanted me to sink eight ships before he would tell me anything about Blood's firstmate. When I finished sinking the ships, he told me that Sabatini (Blood's former firstmate) left Fort McMurtry. He also said he'd help me find out more information if I helped Lieutenant Jim Masterson. Today I had a chance to help Masterson out. I found out that there was a jailbreak and he wanted me to help find them prisoners. I found Weasley (a prisoner)  by asking around and he went back easy. I found out that I had to find a second prisoner, Crazy Horn, in a Vortex near Tumbleweed..

Crazy Horn wasn't a hard boss to defeat because I had to use spells on a ship first. This is something I really like about Pirate101.. If you're about to fight a mob on a Pirate ship, you can use as many attacks as you can before you enter battle. The pirate ship they were on kept sailing toward my ship so I had to back up. You can use as many attacks as you can and then when you're ready, enter the battle. You will notice that the enemies health is lower than it normally is. The enemies health is lower because you attacked the ship and the lower the ship health is, the better chance the enemies on the ship's health is lower. This boss and his crew was easy to defeat because of this. :D Keep this in mind when you're about to fight enemies aboard a ship. :) I promise this will help you! After I finished this fight I had to sail back to Fort McMurtry to tell Bat the good news.

When I arrived, Bat told me that he knew who helped the prisoners escape. Bat told me that I could find Captain Foote in a Vortex behind Fort McMurtry. I had to find an area in the vortex called the Hang Em' Jail but ended in the wrong place. I had a quest from the Commodore in the same area I was in and ended up fighting in the wrong battle for about 20 minutes! I even took a lot of screenshots so that was very confusing.. I will get three training tomes for my companions but this is a warning to anyone that has that same quest.. Don't enter the middle dungeon, enter the dungeon to your left! Don't make the same mistake I did unless you want some training tomes. :P I finally found the right dungeon by looking around the area. The fight I was supposed to fight took a little bit and one of my companions did die. To tell you the truth, all three of my companions that entered this battle almost died but my character and two of my companions were lucky enough to live. This fight took awhile to complete but we finally did it. I freed a Corporal that was kept there and I use the Life Fountain option to teleport back to Fort McMurtry since there are a ton of bloodbats in from of the vortex and I didn't want to get caught. I told Bat that I found the guy and he was happy that I helped him find all of the prisoners including the leader. This is where I'm going to stop this post because I already think it's too long of a post! :P I'll attach one last picture to this post to finish the post. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

July 30, 2014

Edward Mythgem Makes It To Avalon!

Hello Wizards!

How are you doing on this Wednesday afternoon? I hope you're having a great day today! It's been so nice this week where I live and it sure does feel like a Friday even though it's Wednesday. :P Oh.. we're not far away from Friday.. I promise we'll make it! Anyways, today I decided I would level my myth wizard a little bit. My myth wizard finished Zafaria on my last blog post  and today I had a chance to quest to visit Avalon for the first time. :D

I had to do a few things before I could enter Avalon. The first thing I had to do was talk to Merle and he told me that I needed to run (you have no idea how much I wanted to say sail) to Mooshu to talk to Emperor Yoshihto and learn about the Council of Light. Yoshihto said I had to learn about the Scrolls of Light before I could learn about the Council of Light by studying the scrolls that's guarded by an Oni (Mika Sharka)... :P Mika wasn't that tough but I remember when my other wizards dying when they had to fight him. I wasn't even close to dying in this battle since I kept casting humongofrogs to defeat the minion and then I finally had a chance to cast Basilisk to defeat. :)

After I defeated Malik, I had to teleport back to Merle. We ended up talking to Morganthe in Gamma's room.  Morganthe should know by all of the work I've done in Zafaria that I would never join her. I've done too much to give up now, right? :P After all of that, I finally entered Avalon and started to quest on a few quests. I love Avalon so far and I think it'll be fun since I have plenty of humongofrog and earthquake cards to defeat mobs and then a bunch of epic cards like Basilisk and Orthrus to defeat bosses. I know I'm going to have fun questing on this wizard. I'll make another post about my myth wizard halfway through Avalon and then again when I finish it! My myth wizard is currently level 73, almost level 74, so I'll probably make another post when I'm level 78. Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral! :D

July 29, 2014

Edward Lifegem's Favorites

Hi there!

I don't have a game blog post that I could make today. I've been trying to blog everyday of the month but sometimes there's nothing to make a post about! :O I challenged myself the beginning of this month to make a blog post everyday in July and I will do it. :D Today I have a Q&A of my favorite things in real life :P. 

What's your favorite movie?

I have many favorite movies! My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. A normal movie though? well..  I love Iron Man so... I guess the first Iron Man! :D

What's your favorite television series?

If you follow me on Twitter, you should know that my favorite show on t.v. is ONCE UPON A TIME! I could make an entire post about this show but I won't now.. You should check it out on ABC! Btw... If you like Frozen, Elsa is going to be on it... Okay I'm done talking about the show, for now... :P

What's your favorite food/dessert?

Pizza! I love Pizza, and I have many favorite desserts.. I guess I'll say cake because my Birthday cake yesterday was delicious and it's my new favorite. :P (with cotton candy ice cream)

What's your favorite console game?

I have an xbox 360 and I love playing the Bioshock series. This game is for 17+ and if you're any younger, you shouldn't be playing this game! :O I still like this game though, it's one of my favorite console games. I can't pick one with this because I have a second favorite that's also my favorite... Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex. I told you about this game a few weeks ago. I played this game on my Playstation 2 when I was younger. I still love it today!

What's your favorite PC Game?

I don't have a favorite PC game... KIDDING!! I have two favorite PC games. I created a blog in 2010 and started making blog posts about my first game I started playing and a few years later I started to blog about my other favorite favorite PC game... WIZARD101 & PIRATE101!!! :D

What's your favorite season?

I love Winter! I love cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas, New Years, and of course SNOW! :D Most of you know that by now.. That's why my first wizard was an ice wizard. :)

What's your favorite sport?

I have two favorites.. I like Football (American Football) and Basketball! :D

Will I do another Q&A?

I don't know if I'll do another Q&A anytime soon. I wanted to make this Q&A since I didn't have anything to blog about today and thought it would be fun to blog about this. I won't let you all know that this post has been published on my social sites, so you'll have to find it! Thank you for reading. If you want another Q&A click on one of the reactions below!! :D

July 28, 2014

Birthday Post!

Hi there,

I wanted to make a blog post thanking all of you that said and will say Happy Birthday to me. I'm having a great day so far and it's only 9:00 A.M.! How am I having an awesome day and it only be 9:00 in the morning? Well.. I'm happy God gave me 21 years of life and I'm celebrating by eating cake, ice cream and celebrating with my family by eating pizza and possibly watching a movie at the end of the day. I also get to celebrate on here with you all (my 2nd family) and I'm thankful I have all of you too. Thank you for supporting me and everything I do! Well.. I should go.. it's going to be a long, fun day! :D

Oooh, Balloons! :O

July 27, 2014

Edward Mythgem Finishes Zafaria!

Hello Wizards!

I made a blog post a few days ago (click HERE to read that post) and I promised you that I'd make a blog post about the last dungeon of Zafaria. A few days ago I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't log onto the game so I decided that I'd enter the Mirror Lake dungeon. I'm sure you know by now that I didn't solo this dungeon because if I did, I'd be in the dungeon until 2090 or a maintenance. :P

Autumn Dreamwalker offered to help me on this dungeon by bring her life and balance wizards! Autumn's life and balance are currently level 100 so I knew we wouldn't have any trouble. I told her that this dungeon was a difficult dungeon and not even a level 300 wizard could survive it... KIDDING! I knew we'd make it through even if Autumn was my level. :) I took a lot of screenshots so I thought I'd share them with you and then tell you what I thought about the dungeon.. :D 

There were four different fights in this dungeon. We had to defeat Tse-Tse in the first fight and I'm glad he didn't have his cheats because that would take forever if he did. The second fight was with four different bosses! I am not going to explain everything to you all since most of you have been through this dungeon but we made it through this fight okay. We had to defeat the minions first which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Autumn hit the boss with Artorious and then I hit with an Orthurus which killed the boss. :) The third fight was a lot easier since there was ice enemies. We got low on health for a little bit and Autumn healed us over and over again! :) The fourth fight with storm enemies was difficult because they kept hitting us with a lot of hits and got me down to 800 health! Autumn cast a Rebirth on her life wizard which saved all of us and we were able to kill them. If you're close to starting this quest.. Know that you should try to find someone to help or use the team up option so you're not in the dungeon long. It didn't take us long to finish this dungeon (30-40 minutes). Thank you Autumn for helping me! I would be stuck if it wasn't for you. :D That's all I have for you now other than a few screenshots below. I promise I'll make another post about the beginning of Avalon once I quest a little bit through the world. Thank you for reading!

Ooh! Look!! A Christmas Tree! :D

July 26, 2014

Romantic Edward!

Ahoy Pirates!

A few months ago I made a new pirate named Romantic Edward to help Autumn Walker at one of her events. I can't believe I didn't make a post about him then! I decided to level him to level 3 today so I could make a post about him. This is the last pirate I plan on making for Pirate101 but I do plan on leveling all of my pirates on my own time. Romantic Edward is a Buccaneer Pirate. The last time I had a buccaneer was on Beta so it'll be fun to level a Buccaneer again.

I think I'm going to like leveling him and making update posts about him because... well look at the picture above! By now you all should know I love taking screenshots and I know I will take a ton of screenshots of this character when I give you all an update on where my buccaneer is. I hope I can level him a lot the end of the year because I love the buccaneer class. I will make a post about this character every 10 levels he levels. The next post I make about him is when he makes it to level 10, then 20, 30 and so on... That's all I have for you all now. Thank you for reading and until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

July 25, 2014

Pirate101's Christmas In July! (2014)

Ahoy Pirates!

Pirate101 is having Christmas in July again this year! Now through July 28th (my Birthday) you can buy Christmas themed items from the crowns shop! There are a few items that are discounted so make sure to get those before Christmas so in 4-5 months from now you can celebrate early. :D I always celebrate Christmas early (see blog background picture) and I'm happy Pirate101 is having this event again this year so I can celebrate on the game too. :D Pirate101 is also giving away a free item to everyone. If you would like more information about this year's Christmas in July and that free item you have a chance of getting, click HERE! Merry Christmas in July. :)

Would you look at that wonderful Christmas Tree?! You can buy it from the crowns shop for only 1,050 crowns!

Wizard101's Christmas In July! (2014)

Hello Wizards!

Wizard101 is having Christmas in July again! Now through Monday, July 28th (My Birthday :D) Wizard101 has decorated the commons and has plenty of Christmas items that you can buy with crowns for a reduced price from the crowns shop or you can buy Christmas items such as the Santa Suit from Felix Navidad in the Shopping District. :D Thank you Kingsisle for having this event on the game. This is a great early Birthday present even though this isn't my gift. :P I love Christmas and I'm glad we get to celebrate 5 months before it actually happens. Anyways.. If you would like to learn more about this year's Christmas in July and more information about a free item you can get, click HERE. :) Merry Christmas in July! :)

Picture in the Commons. You can buy the Sleigh from the crowns shop for 4k crowns! :D

July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Pirate101's Super Beta Bash!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today I thought I would make a Throwback Thursday post about a party I went to on the game before it was released to the public. Most of you know that I participated in the Pirate101 Beta in 2012 (still can't believe it's been almost two years) and as Beta players we had to test out many things before the game was released to everyone. I will always remember Pirate101's Beta because it was a lot of fun testing out a game as a Beta for the first time. Closer to the last day of Beta, a few of the fansites: Stormgate Pirates, Pirate101 Skyways and Ambrose2Zeke had a Beta party! This party was a lot of fun and I got to talk to a lot of pirates during the event. I also took a few screenshots of the event. If you know me now, I take about 100 screenshots at one event, but back then I only took a few of them. I wish I had more pictures to share, but I do have a few pictures on another post I made in 2012. This event was a lot of fun and this is another reason I have this blog to remember all of the wonderful events I went to. If you would like to see a few of the screenshots of the event, click on the image below! :D

July 23, 2014

Queen Elissa's Tomb!

Hello Wizards!

Do you remember the last time I made a post about Edward Mythgem? I think the last time I made a post about him was May! In April or May I decided to level my life wizard to level 100 and forgot about my myth wizard, until today. Today I decided to quest through the end of the Elephant Graveyard by entering Queen Elissa's Tomb. :O

When I entered Queen Elissa's Tomb, I had to complete a puzzle to move closer to her tomb. I had to run over x's (drums) so I could open the area I needed to get into. I was a slow at first because I was listening to Spotify... :P I decided to pause the song I was listening to and focus even more so I could complete the puzzle and I did! After I completed the puzzle I ran into a fight that had two life enemies with over 3,000 health. I almost defeated them the first time but then the first enemy decided to use rebirth! I didn't think I would make it until I cast a humongofrog and I was lucky because it was critical. :D I made it through the first fight with 1,000 health health left. After I defeated the two life shadow-web wraiths I had to place all of Queen Elissa's grave goods on display to open the door to Elissa's Tomb.

Queen Elissa's Tomb door finally opened and I entered and found Prince Tiziri. Morganthe and Tse-Tse Snaketail was also in the dungeon. Morganthe used Prince Tiziri to get an important relic in Queen Elissa's Tomb. I ended up fighting four death shadow web wraiths with the last fight of this dungeon. I didn't think I'd make it through this fight but I was lucky enough to cast a critical humongofrog. After I cast the humongofrog I had to find another spell to cast. The shadow-web wraiths got me down to 800 health, but for the first time (after about five times on other wizards) I didn't die during this fight! :O After this dungeon and a few quests, I found out that Morganthe was in Mirror Lake (the last dungeon of Zafaria). I plan on finishing that quest tomorrow! :D Wish me good luck and thank you all for reading my blog post. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

July 22, 2014

Edward Cringle: Bonnie Anne's Second Promotion

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe how hot it is today!! It was pretty hot yesterday too and that's another reason I logged on to Pirate101 for a few hours and I didn't just level my swashbuckler in the haunted skyway. I decided to  promote one of my companions, Bonnie Anne. This quest was a pretty hard quest to complete because there was multiple parts of the quest. I had to sail all over Skull Island and talk to different people so Bonnie could get her new weapon and bullets. I had to fight monquistians, sink armada ships to collect something from them and then fight armada soldiers before I promoted Bonnie Anne. I remember promoting my witchdoctor's Bonnie Anne and it took just as long to promote her. If you're about to start Bonnie Anne's second promotion quest, don't worry! This quest might take a long time but it's not as bad as it might seem. I think it took me anywhere from 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete this quest. If you are on this quest, I wish you good luck! Here's a picture of Edward Cringle's 2nd promoted Bonnie Anne! :D

July 21, 2014

The Haunted Skyway!

Ahoy Pirates!

On my last post I told you that it was 70 degrees and it was very nice outside. Today it's 90 something and tomorrow will be about 95 degrees! I don't like temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit! I'm glad it's going to be cooler on my Birthday next Monday. :D I can't believe I'm going to turn ** years old next Monday. :P Okay.. enough real life talk for now. Lets talk about my swashbuckler and what he's been up to on the game this week!

On my last blog post I had to enter a dungeon to defeat the wild bunch so I could enter the skyway they were blocking. The dungeon I entered to defeat them wasn't a hard dungeon to begin with. I had to enter two battles to defeat a few of the Wild Bunch gang members and then fight one last battle with Old Man Bronco. There were a few other bosses I had to defeat to win this fight but it wasn't that hard to complete the dungeon. After I freed Timmy I had to go back to Tumbleweed to tell Sly Winkum the good news. Timmy ended up being invited to join the Magnificent Seven since I had to leave soon and I earned a new companion (Buffalo Bill). After talking to the Seven, I had to talk about Sly and he told me that Captain Blood's hideout was located in the Haunted Skyway in a mine. Sly then told me that the hideout is locked and Blood's firstmate had it last. I had to sail to Fort McMurtry, Haunted Skyway to see if I could find him.

Today I sailed to Fort McMurtry to see if I could find Blood's firstmate and ended up finding Colonel Church. Colonel told me that he wanted me to sink eight ghost ships because they are threatening to take over the fort. I had to defeat these eight ships and sometimes they were not easy to sink. There were times I thought I'd have to ask for help when I first started this quest. I don't think this quest is that bad if you try to get the ship to the lowest health and then join because the enemies on the ship lose health if the ship's health is low enough. This help me survive most of the time because I had my awesome companions to finish the enemies on the ship off! If you're about to start this quest please pick up all of the side quests in Fort McMurtry because they require you to sink Ghost Ships. You can earn extra experience by picking up these side quests since your main quest requires you to sink eight of these ships. :D

After I defeated the eight ships, I went back to tell Colonel that I did what he asked me to do. I told him why I was in the Haunted Skyway and he told me that Blood's firstmate left Fort McMurtry he didn't know where he went. He said he'd find out where he went after I help Lieutenant Masterson (guessing he's related to Bat? :P). This is where I stop questing today because I leveled up! Well.. I really didn't stop questing but I'll have the other quest on another post. :D Thank you all for reading and I hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :)

July 20, 2014

Duelist101's Duel-A-Duelist Party Recap!

Hi again!

Yesterday was a busy day with a ton of events in the community and I attended another event, Duelist101's Duel A Duelist Party! I can't believe I almost miss this party. I am trying to support all sites because I know how hard it is to keep a fansite running. Duelist101's staff is amazing! I didn't talk to them much but they were wonderful to everyone at the party. They already do a great job keeping their site running with all kinds of information, contests and altogether amazing staff! Thank you for the great event and if you didn't get to attend this event make sure to attend their 2nd Duel A Duelist Party tonight. :D Did I tell you I got to meet Kevin the Noob last night??!!! Maybe he'll be there tonight and you'll have a chance to meet him too. :) For more information about their event tonight, click HERE. Thank you for reading and here is a few photos I took of last night's event! :)

Petnome's 4th Birthday Party Recap!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday Petnome celebrated their 4th Birthday by having an awesome party on Wizard101! A lot of wizards from the community showed up to show their support to Petnome. I love how this party reminded me of some of the old parties I went to when I first found out about the community. Was you able to make it to the party last night? If you did, I'm sure you know that there was a lot to do such as tag, gauntlets (including the Spiral Cup Gauntlet :O), contests and even chatting with friends you haven't talk to in awhile! This party was amazing and I want all of you at Petnome to know that you're doing great and I appreciate the hard work you put into the site. Thank you for your amazing website and hosting the huge party last night! Here's a few pictures out of 100 I took of the party. :D

Keep Trying Or You'll Never Win.

Hi there.

For the past year or so I've noticed wizards/pirates in the community get mad at a Fansite or others because they don't get a code. There's no reason to get mad.. When I first joined this community I had to enter contests to see if I could get crowns so I could buy my next area. Sometimes I didn't win these contests and that would mean I wouldn't get to play Wizard101 as much as I wanted to since there wasn't a Pet Pavilion, Advanced Housing, Fishing, and a lot of other awesome updates KI added to the game recently. I didn't have Pirate101 to play for awhile so I was stuck in Wizard101. I didn't get mad at anyone because they won a code, I congratulated everyone and thanked the owner of the site for having the contest. If you don't win a code, that doesn't mean you have to get mad at everyone because you didn't win this code or item. Codes are only codes that you can redeem for items that you won't get to keep your entire life. Please don't get mad at anyone because you don't win an item. I know when I have contests, I appreciate those who thank me for the contests even if they don't win (and if they do win). I think it's awesome that there are wizards and pirates in the community that care. I don't like having contests. I love blogging about my wizards, pirates, ideas, online safety and any other tips I might have about the games. I also love having events but contests are becoming something I don't like having as much. This month I haven't had any contests and I think that's great only because they're not enjoyable because there are a few that get mad they don't win anything. I love giving away codes for everyone who wants to test out something on the game but I don't love giving codes to someone who only complains and wants more codes and then if they don't win another contest, complains. This counts as someone who doesn't win contests and complains because they don't win one. If you don't win one, that doesn't mean you'll never win a contest. Keep trying, if you don't try, you will truly NEVER win. If you try, you'll have a better chance of winning! That's what I'm going to leave everyone with. Thank you for reading.

July 19, 2014

Farming Party Recap + Petnome's 4th Birthday Party Today!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I didn't know what to do on the game so I logged off and was off for about 6 hours and I noticed an awesome tweet from Blaze Shadowhorn. Blaze tweeted about a Loremaster farming party that Petnome was having. I knew there was supposed to be a party on the 19th (today) but I didn't know there was supposed to be one yesterday. I decided to log on and farm the loremaster for the first time. :D I can't believe I never farmed the loremaster before yesterday, but I guess there's a first time for everything? :P I had a lot of fun yesterday and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of it. :)

That event was a lot of fun, plus Petnome had a ton of prizes during the event. I made it to the farming party before right before it ended but I plan on attending their party on time. If you would like more information about their 4th Birthday party, click HERE. Thank you for reading and Happy Birthday, Petnome! :D Thank you all for all of the hard work you have done on your site the past four years. :)

July 18, 2014

Privateer & Witchdoctor Update

Ahoy Pirates!

I wanted to make a short post to let you all know what I've been up to on the game! A few days ago I made a post letting you guys know what I've been up to on my witchdoctor. I've been leveling my companions to level 65 before the next world which is fun because I used the advanced companions feature for the first time. I've been leveling all of my companions on my witchdoctor and I'm proud to say that I finally leveled ALL of my witchdoctor's companions to level 65! :D Another thing I have been doing on Pirate101 is leveling my privateer, Edward Donnely! I haven't leveled him as much as I wanted to but I plan on getting him to level 65 before the end of this year. He's currently level 8 and met One-Eyed Jack for the first time. :D That's all I have for you all today, I promise I'll have a new Edward Cringle post tomorrow or Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend! :D

Bye! :D

July 17, 2014

Do I Like Magical Fishing?

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I promised you that I would make a post about my thoughts on Wizard101's newest update, Magical Fishing. Magical Fishing is just like fishing in real life, sometimes it takes awhile to catch one. I think Magical Fishing is a great addition to the game and will give everyone something to do when Kingsisle is busy making a new world. I do have a few likes and dislikes that I'd love to share with you all. If you want to read my likes, dislikes and answer to the question if I like Magical Fishing or not then keep scrolling down. :D

Likes: I love the fact that you can fish when you have nothing else to do on the game and this should keep a lot of players on the game. I also love the looks of the fish! Some fish look like Pirate fish (I love Pirate101 ;D) and others look like the one above. Sometimes you can even catch chests with a ton of loot! These fish are different than something you usually see on the game or real life and I think that's also awesome. :D I like that they give a lot of information about fishing once you start the first quest and the same with the 2nd quest (which I'm currently on). I also love that you can put the fish you catch in your house by crafting an aquarium and then you can show off the fish you caught to everyone that visits your house! :) One last like is that when other wizards run around your fish, it won't swim away. :D

Dislikes: I know I mentioned a ton of likes above but after testing out fishing. There's only a few things that I don't like about Magical Fishing that I hope Kingsisle fixes soon. I don't really like that you have to catch a fish in a certain small spot in Olde Town when there's a ton of other wizards. I know everything will calm down soon and I hope when it does, I'll be able to catch that fish I couldn't catch before. Wait... I guess I was wrong about a few dislikes, that's the only dislike I have! I hope KI fixes that soon because it does get annoying trying to catch a fish when there's ton of wizards around. That's all I have about fishing for now. I'm sure I'll make another post about fishing in the future.. Good luck everyone and I hope you have fun! :D 

Do I like Magical Fishing? NO! I LOVE Magical Fishing! :D