July 12, 2014

Buck Bronco- Dusty Arroyo Cave Dungeon!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great Saturday (yes I checked the calendar this time ;D)! I know I am, especially after what I did today on my swashbuckler. On my last blog post I had to fight eight Wild Bunch Ships and then find Buck Bronco so I could arrest him. I already arrested Ike Bronco and Buck was next after sinking the eight wild bunch pirate ships. I stop questing yesterday because I ran into a dungeon that would take an hour and a half to complete if I continued questing. Now I'm glad I waited because this blog post might be a longer blog post than expected.. Or it could be shorter, I guess we'll have to see. :)

Today I entered the Dusty Arroyo Cave dungeon to find Buck Bronco so I could arrest him. This dungeon is full of fights!! I'm not going to make you think it's an easy dungeon because it's not as easy if you're planning on soloing the dungeon. Once you arrive in the dungeon, you have to fight a few enemies because Buck Bronco runs away so you can't catch him. Throughout this dungeon, I wondered why he was calling me weak but he was the one running away while I was fighting all of these enemies. :P I guess he was really afraid of me! :D 

If you look at the pictures above, you can tell he kept running and I knew I would have to defeat more enemies after he said catch me if you can. I ended up running into another battle but it wasn't difficult. I think you'll notice when this dungeon starts getting difficult because... well because. :P Anyways, I think this fight was fun and I took some epic screenshots!! :D I like the last one because it shows how amazing the Pirate101 graphics are. :) Seriously.. if you're not playing Pirate101 and you're reading my blog post.. go create an account right now! :)

After I defeated the enemies in the 2nd fight, I ran into a third fight... with spiders! I remember this fight from my Witchdoctor and I remember dying a few times during the fight because you have to solo this fight without your companions.. My swashbuckler was close to dying about three times during this fight. I had to defeat three spiders with 1000+ health without dying so I can make it to the next fight.. This fight was difficult because I ended up getting down to 60 health, then 18 health, (healed two times) and by the end of the fight, 180 health! I got lucky during this fight because I really thought I'd die but I didn't! :D I was worried, but this proves I shouldn't underestimate the swashbuckler class.. Now let's talk about the 4th fight of this dungeon..!

The 4th fight of this dungeon was also a little difficult because of a Miner that kept tossing bombs to hit one person and then the rest of the people on one team. I think the Miner was crazy because sometimes he threw bombs at his own crew and it injured them too.. This makes me wonder why his crew didn't give up right away because I'd be worried if someone was going to throw a bomb at me if I helped them with a fight LOL. One of my companions was defeated during this fight but I still thought I'd be good for the last fight.. the 5th fight! ** Keep in mind that there might be other fights in this dungeon that you can avoid.

This fight was not as fun because when I finally caught up to Bronco and started the fight by getting his health down about 40%, he ended up fleeing and coming back. He hid behind a few boxes with full health and I had to defeat a few of his minions including the miner.. I decided to defeat the miner first since he caused a lot of trouble in the last fight (and this fight since he cast a critical bomb on my team). After I defeated the minions, I had to defeat Bronco so I could arrest him. I had Bonnie shoot one of the boxes so he could run out and we could attack him. I ended with a hit but didn't get to take a picture of it! I think I clicked the backspace key on my keyboard. :P This dungeon was difficult, I won't lie to you. It'll take longer if you solo like I did, but if you have a friend or two with you, it should go by a little faster.. Keep in mind, more enemies might join if you have more friends! After I completed this dungeon, I had to go talk to Sly Winkum.. which will be the end of this post. Thank you for reading everyone. It really means a lot that you read my crazy blog posts. :D Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Very fun reminisic journey through one of the tough dungeons that are a rite of passage for our pirates. Fantastic shots as usual. Just have to ignore those photobombing buff icons. I really wish they had an option to turn those off so they don't mess with the screenshots.
Speaking of photobombing, I love that spider leg in the foreground of that shot. Really ups the creepiness.
I just love watching a good swashy work and your shots really show the athleticism of them.
You look like you were kicking some royal tush. Really love your blades. They look beautiful. :D
Chrissy The Blesser