July 17, 2014

Do I Like Magical Fishing?

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I promised you that I would make a post about my thoughts on Wizard101's newest update, Magical Fishing. Magical Fishing is just like fishing in real life, sometimes it takes awhile to catch one. I think Magical Fishing is a great addition to the game and will give everyone something to do when Kingsisle is busy making a new world. I do have a few likes and dislikes that I'd love to share with you all. If you want to read my likes, dislikes and answer to the question if I like Magical Fishing or not then keep scrolling down. :D

Likes: I love the fact that you can fish when you have nothing else to do on the game and this should keep a lot of players on the game. I also love the looks of the fish! Some fish look like Pirate fish (I love Pirate101 ;D) and others look like the one above. Sometimes you can even catch chests with a ton of loot! These fish are different than something you usually see on the game or real life and I think that's also awesome. :D I like that they give a lot of information about fishing once you start the first quest and the same with the 2nd quest (which I'm currently on). I also love that you can put the fish you catch in your house by crafting an aquarium and then you can show off the fish you caught to everyone that visits your house! :) One last like is that when other wizards run around your fish, it won't swim away. :D

Dislikes: I know I mentioned a ton of likes above but after testing out fishing. There's only a few things that I don't like about Magical Fishing that I hope Kingsisle fixes soon. I don't really like that you have to catch a fish in a certain small spot in Olde Town when there's a ton of other wizards. I know everything will calm down soon and I hope when it does, I'll be able to catch that fish I couldn't catch before. Wait... I guess I was wrong about a few dislikes, that's the only dislike I have! I hope KI fixes that soon because it does get annoying trying to catch a fish when there's ton of wizards around. That's all I have about fishing for now. I'm sure I'll make another post about fishing in the future.. Good luck everyone and I hope you have fun! :D 

Do I like Magical Fishing? NO! I LOVE Magical Fishing! :D

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Good stuff and great pics as usual. Informative and positive. Well done.
Chrissy The Blesser