July 20, 2014

Duelist101's Duel-A-Duelist Party Recap!

Hi again!

Yesterday was a busy day with a ton of events in the community and I attended another event, Duelist101's Duel A Duelist Party! I can't believe I almost miss this party. I am trying to support all sites because I know how hard it is to keep a fansite running. Duelist101's staff is amazing! I didn't talk to them much but they were wonderful to everyone at the party. They already do a great job keeping their site running with all kinds of information, contests and altogether amazing staff! Thank you for the great event and if you didn't get to attend this event make sure to attend their 2nd Duel A Duelist Party tonight. :D Did I tell you I got to meet Kevin the Noob last night??!!! Maybe he'll be there tonight and you'll have a chance to meet him too. :) For more information about their event tonight, click HERE. Thank you for reading and here is a few photos I took of last night's event! :)

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