July 22, 2014

Edward Cringle: Bonnie Anne's Second Promotion

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe how hot it is today!! It was pretty hot yesterday too and that's another reason I logged on to Pirate101 for a few hours and I didn't just level my swashbuckler in the haunted skyway. I decided to  promote one of my companions, Bonnie Anne. This quest was a pretty hard quest to complete because there was multiple parts of the quest. I had to sail all over Skull Island and talk to different people so Bonnie could get her new weapon and bullets. I had to fight monquistians, sink armada ships to collect something from them and then fight armada soldiers before I promoted Bonnie Anne. I remember promoting my witchdoctor's Bonnie Anne and it took just as long to promote her. If you're about to start Bonnie Anne's second promotion quest, don't worry! This quest might take a long time but it's not as bad as it might seem. I think it took me anywhere from 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete this quest. If you are on this quest, I wish you good luck! Here's a picture of Edward Cringle's 2nd promoted Bonnie Anne! :D

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