July 3, 2014

Edward Lifegem Makes It To Level 100!

Hello Wizards!

I've been wanting to make this post since last Sunday but I've had so many blog posts that I planned this week so I had to put this post off until today! Well, many of you know from my announcement on Twitter that my life wizard finally made it to level 100. :D I know I should have been level 100 long ago but real life knocked on my door and I had to answer :O. Anyways, I'm glad my life wizard made it before the 4th of July so I could make this post.. :)

My life leveled all the way through the first part of Khrysalis Part 1 and part of Khrysalis Part 2 and finally leveled to level 100. I'm thinking about leveling through the rest after August so I don't have to later, but I know I leveled early because I leveled through a lot of side quests. Side quests help a lot if you want to level when you get stuck on a quest that you can't go through. That's exactly what I did when I leveled on my life wizard and got stuck on a quest in Khrysalis. I can't believe he's actually level cap! This is the first time he's level cap before the next world with everyone else since he was level 60. Thank you all for your support. :) I will make another blog post next week about my ice wizard. Edward Wintergem will be my third character to make it to level 100. :D

Level up!! Life is officially level 100! Well... maybe not.. If you count the Test Realm :P

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