July 27, 2014

Edward Mythgem Finishes Zafaria!

Hello Wizards!

I made a blog post a few days ago (click HERE to read that post) and I promised you that I'd make a blog post about the last dungeon of Zafaria. A few days ago I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't log onto the game so I decided that I'd enter the Mirror Lake dungeon. I'm sure you know by now that I didn't solo this dungeon because if I did, I'd be in the dungeon until 2090 or a maintenance. :P

Autumn Dreamwalker offered to help me on this dungeon by bring her life and balance wizards! Autumn's life and balance are currently level 100 so I knew we wouldn't have any trouble. I told her that this dungeon was a difficult dungeon and not even a level 300 wizard could survive it... KIDDING! I knew we'd make it through even if Autumn was my level. :) I took a lot of screenshots so I thought I'd share them with you and then tell you what I thought about the dungeon.. :D 

There were four different fights in this dungeon. We had to defeat Tse-Tse in the first fight and I'm glad he didn't have his cheats because that would take forever if he did. The second fight was with four different bosses! I am not going to explain everything to you all since most of you have been through this dungeon but we made it through this fight okay. We had to defeat the minions first which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Autumn hit the boss with Artorious and then I hit with an Orthurus which killed the boss. :) The third fight was a lot easier since there was ice enemies. We got low on health for a little bit and Autumn healed us over and over again! :) The fourth fight with storm enemies was difficult because they kept hitting us with a lot of hits and got me down to 800 health! Autumn cast a Rebirth on her life wizard which saved all of us and we were able to kill them. If you're close to starting this quest.. Know that you should try to find someone to help or use the team up option so you're not in the dungeon long. It didn't take us long to finish this dungeon (30-40 minutes). Thank you Autumn for helping me! I would be stuck if it wasn't for you. :D That's all I have for you now other than a few screenshots below. I promise I'll make another post about the beginning of Avalon once I quest a little bit through the world. Thank you for reading!

Ooh! Look!! A Christmas Tree! :D

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