July 13, 2014

Life... I Mean Ice Wizard Update!

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure you know by now that I'm leveling my ice wizard to level 100 after reading my post a few days ago (I just made a mistake and put life wizard, funny and ironic)! I've been trying to make a blog post everyday and sometimes I just want to make a post so I know I've made a blog post everyday this month at the end of the month.. :P I just hope you don't think this blog post is boring but I still wanted to make it so you know how I'm doing on my ice wizard so far.. :D

I've noticed that when leveling my life in Azteca I felt like I was in Khrysalis many times and a lot of times when questing I deleted a lot of my cards because I kept looking for a forest lord to cast! I think I had so much fun questing my life wizard that I feel like I'm on my life wizard when I quest! :P I have to remind myself that I'm questing on my ice wizard so I don't end up deleting all of my cards! We're doing great so far on our quests and we've recently leveled to level 84! I know there isn't much of a difference from my last post, but like I said, I wanted to make this post so you know what I'm up to on the game so far. I haven't made an update post in awhile now and thought I'd make this before I really start leveling next week. This will be my last blog about my ice wizard until he hits level 88 or 90. I have a feeling I'll hit cap soon so get ready for a new post about my ice wizard sometime next week or the week after. That's it for now, until later I'll see you around the spiral. :D

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