July 1, 2014

Post #2: I Found Wizard101!

Hi there,

Happy July! This week I'm making a post everyday this week since July 4th is my 5th year wizardversary or... kingsisleversary! :D You wouldn't believe how much awesomeness I've been through on this game... I thought I'd make these posts so I can look back on them in the future and remember everything that happened before and after I found Wizard101. :D

If you haven't read my first blog post, click HERE to read that and then come back to this one if you would like to. :) Anyways.. on my last post I talked about the games I played before I started Wizard101 and in 2009 on a rainy 4th of July I found the perfect game! I found out about Kingsisle's Wizard101 game and thought that game would be perfect for me. I know it seems like I should have been outside on the 4th of July but I thought it was going to rain all day so I decided to turn on cartoon network and I noticed a commercial playing *the commercial above* and I decided to go to their website and create an account and make my first wizard an ice wizard. I named my ice wizard Edward Wintergem!

I'm glad I created an account that day because within a year I was addicted to the game and met many amazing friends! I met so many friends on the game that I leveled with and they helped me out with Sunken City when I had trouble on it and thought it was the most difficult dungeon the game would ever have! :P I'm happy I met new friends on the game when I needed friends the most that time in my life. Thank you KI for a great game.. :) Shortly after I created a... oh wait... I think it's time to stop typing for now.. Thank you for reading! I'll see you tomorrow with post #3! :D Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.


Unknown said...

too many feels

Chrissy The Blesser said...

Walking down memory lane is always so fun.
Chrissy The Blesser