July 23, 2014

Queen Elissa's Tomb!

Hello Wizards!

Do you remember the last time I made a post about Edward Mythgem? I think the last time I made a post about him was May! In April or May I decided to level my life wizard to level 100 and forgot about my myth wizard, until today. Today I decided to quest through the end of the Elephant Graveyard by entering Queen Elissa's Tomb. :O

When I entered Queen Elissa's Tomb, I had to complete a puzzle to move closer to her tomb. I had to run over x's (drums) so I could open the area I needed to get into. I was a slow at first because I was listening to Spotify... :P I decided to pause the song I was listening to and focus even more so I could complete the puzzle and I did! After I completed the puzzle I ran into a fight that had two life enemies with over 3,000 health. I almost defeated them the first time but then the first enemy decided to use rebirth! I didn't think I would make it until I cast a humongofrog and I was lucky because it was critical. :D I made it through the first fight with 1,000 health health left. After I defeated the two life shadow-web wraiths I had to place all of Queen Elissa's grave goods on display to open the door to Elissa's Tomb.

Queen Elissa's Tomb door finally opened and I entered and found Prince Tiziri. Morganthe and Tse-Tse Snaketail was also in the dungeon. Morganthe used Prince Tiziri to get an important relic in Queen Elissa's Tomb. I ended up fighting four death shadow web wraiths with the last fight of this dungeon. I didn't think I'd make it through this fight but I was lucky enough to cast a critical humongofrog. After I cast the humongofrog I had to find another spell to cast. The shadow-web wraiths got me down to 800 health, but for the first time (after about five times on other wizards) I didn't die during this fight! :O After this dungeon and a few quests, I found out that Morganthe was in Mirror Lake (the last dungeon of Zafaria). I plan on finishing that quest tomorrow! :D Wish me good luck and thank you all for reading my blog post. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!


Unknown said...

Can I have a tfc for your myth send it via email

Edward Lifegem said...

Hey, sure I don't mind sending you a TFC. I need your email though. You can email me at edwardfrostgem@gmail.com and I'll send you my TFC as soon as I can. Thank you for reading this post. :)