July 6, 2014

Reuniting The Magnificent Seven + 400th Pirate101 Post (Pt. 3)

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe that last month was the last time I made a questing blog post! Today I have another one for you and I hope I have more Edward Cringle questing posts this month too. I wanted to make this my 400th post since a lot of my blog posts are related to Edward Cringle! I can't believe I've made 400 blog posts about Pirate101. I know I'll end up making a lot more but I thought I'd let you all know how many Pirate101 blog posts I've made so far. Anyways... Thank you all for reading my blog this long and I hope you continue reading my crazy Pirate101 posts. :D

Now... Let's talk about Edward Cringle and where he has been as of late! On my last blog post my swashbuckler continued to reunite the magnificent seven. I had to fight Tyson the chicken so Buffalo Bill could join again. If I didn't win that means I'd owe him money, but that wasn't the case! I won the fight and I talked to him afterwards. Buffalo Bill told me that he would join the magnificent seven again and he told me where to find two other members of the seven. I left off on a quest to find Bill Peacock and Jane in Cooper's Roost. Buffalo Bill told me that he would meet me in Tumbleweed after I get them to join again. I had to sail to Cooper's Roost (on my old ship) to ask them if they would join the Seven again..

Once I arrived in Cooper's Roost I had to run into the Silver Spoon Saloon to talk to them and ask them if they were willing to rejoin the Magnificent Seven. I talked to Bill first and he said he didn't want to go until Jane said she wanted to rejoin the Seven again. :P I didn't have any trouble reuniting these two the Seven but they told me that Bat Masterson (another member of the Seven) was in the Mines of Cooper's Roost. Once I arrived to the Mines, Bat told me he was willing to rejoin but a strongbox that Bat was going to pay the miners with was stolen by Banditoad Ships in Tumbleweed Skyway and I had to defeat six of the ships to collect the wages so the miners could be paid.. :P

I decided to buy a new pirate ship in Tumbleweed because I had problems with Banditoads in the past and knew that I needed a new ship before I tried sinking their ships. I bought my new ship for 15,000 gold and plus a lot of new equipment (other than the horn) and I knew I'd be ready to battle these ships. I didn't have any trouble sinking the ships and I didn't have join a battle with them. I had a lot of fun on my new ship! My ship does look bad (good) doesn't it? :D After sinking six of the ships, I sailed back to Cooper's Roost to give Bat the wages that were once stolen. Bat told me that he would join the Magnificent Seven again and he was glad to get out of the cave we was stuck in... :P I leveled to level 32 when I went back to talk to Bill and Jane to tell them that Bat joined too. They told me that there was one more person that I had to get in order to have all six of the members... I'll blog about that another day! Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral. :D


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Lol I can see the headlines now: Edward Cringle and the reunion tour. :D
Chrissy The Blesser

Edward Lifegem said...

Woot!! :D Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!