July 7, 2014

Reuniting the Magnificent Seven (Pt. 4)

Ahoy Pirates!

Wait a minute... Is it true that I'm making a blog post a day after making my last one?? Yes! I promise you're not dreaming. :D I will have a lot more Pirate101 blog posts this month (especially since next month will be my 2nd pirateversary)! Today I leveled my swashbuckler a little bit more and I thought I'd make another blog post today.. :D

On my last blog post, I had to find Bill Peacock & Jane in Cooper's Roost and ask them if they would rejoin the Magnificent Seven. They both ended up joining again and they sent me to talk to Bat Masterson to ask him if he would rejoin. Bat told me he would join but he needed to pay his miners before he could. I had to fight six Banditoad Pirate Ships in Tumbleweed because they stole the money Bat was going to use to pay the miners. After I completed that quest I had to return to Bat and he told me that he would rejoin the Magnificent Seven again.. I left off on talking to Jane and Bill and they told me that Billy the Kid was the last of the Seven because Wyatt died in the past. They said he ended up going to Santo Pollo but was thrown in jail by the Frogerales in Banditoad Trail. I had to pick up some dynamite in Cooper's Roost so I could bust Billy out of jail along with the other members of the seven. After picking up the dynamite I had to sail to Santo Pollo from Cooper's Roost (long ride so I made some popcorn ;D).

Once I made it to the inside the Frogerale Jail, I had to fight 2 fights of frogerales and usually three or four joined. I didn't have any trouble with these three fights and my companions made it through without being defeated! I don't think the first three fights were difficult. The third fight was a little bit more difficult because I had to fight a ton of frogerales and a few more appeared after I defeated one of them on the third fight. Make sure you're prepared for more to enter on the third fight if this is your next quest. After I was done with the fights outside of the place Billy was being kept, I had to fight the Warden of the jail before I could free Billy the Kid. I don't think this fight was as bad as I thought it would be.. :D If you look at the picture below, you can see that I had a lot of fun defeating the enemies in this fight. :) If you pay attention to the fights in this dungeon, you'll have a better chance of finishing the dungeon a lot faster.. :D

After I defeated the warden and all of the other frogerales, I had to free Billy by using the dynamite I picked up in Cooper's Roost. After I freed Billy we went outside and used the mine cart to escape and that was the end of the dungeon. This dungeon wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I'm happy I had my swashbuckler because he made it a lot of fun. :) If you're about to start this quest, don't worry at all! You should do fine and you won't need to worry about anything unless you're not paying attention to which enemies you're attacking. I put my popcorn away for this dungeon so I wasn't distracted by anything. :D I wish you all good luck if you're about to start this dungeon! :) Okay, now I'm going to end this this blog post with one last picture.. I'll make another blog post about the magnificent seven another time! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral. :) OH, I wanted to say one more thing before I end this post... I would like to thank Little Nigel Xavier for the kind words on the game about my blog posts! That really meant a lot and I'm glad you read my posts. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read, and thank you all that's currently reading for reading my posts too. :D

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