July 21, 2014

The Haunted Skyway!

Ahoy Pirates!

On my last post I told you that it was 70 degrees and it was very nice outside. Today it's 90 something and tomorrow will be about 95 degrees! I don't like temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit! I'm glad it's going to be cooler on my Birthday next Monday. :D I can't believe I'm going to turn ** years old next Monday. :P Okay.. enough real life talk for now. Lets talk about my swashbuckler and what he's been up to on the game this week!

On my last blog post I had to enter a dungeon to defeat the wild bunch so I could enter the skyway they were blocking. The dungeon I entered to defeat them wasn't a hard dungeon to begin with. I had to enter two battles to defeat a few of the Wild Bunch gang members and then fight one last battle with Old Man Bronco. There were a few other bosses I had to defeat to win this fight but it wasn't that hard to complete the dungeon. After I freed Timmy I had to go back to Tumbleweed to tell Sly Winkum the good news. Timmy ended up being invited to join the Magnificent Seven since I had to leave soon and I earned a new companion (Buffalo Bill). After talking to the Seven, I had to talk about Sly and he told me that Captain Blood's hideout was located in the Haunted Skyway in a mine. Sly then told me that the hideout is locked and Blood's firstmate had it last. I had to sail to Fort McMurtry, Haunted Skyway to see if I could find him.

Today I sailed to Fort McMurtry to see if I could find Blood's firstmate and ended up finding Colonel Church. Colonel told me that he wanted me to sink eight ghost ships because they are threatening to take over the fort. I had to defeat these eight ships and sometimes they were not easy to sink. There were times I thought I'd have to ask for help when I first started this quest. I don't think this quest is that bad if you try to get the ship to the lowest health and then join because the enemies on the ship lose health if the ship's health is low enough. This help me survive most of the time because I had my awesome companions to finish the enemies on the ship off! If you're about to start this quest please pick up all of the side quests in Fort McMurtry because they require you to sink Ghost Ships. You can earn extra experience by picking up these side quests since your main quest requires you to sink eight of these ships. :D

After I defeated the eight ships, I went back to tell Colonel that I did what he asked me to do. I told him why I was in the Haunted Skyway and he told me that Blood's firstmate left Fort McMurtry he didn't know where he went. He said he'd find out where he went after I help Lieutenant Masterson (guessing he's related to Bat? :P). This is where I stop questing today because I leveled up! Well.. I really didn't stop questing but I'll have the other quest on another post. :D Thank you all for reading and I hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :)

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Great screenshots as usual :D Good advice on gathering those side quests to get double xp credit. One of my favorite tricks. :D Congrats on your leveling.
Chrissy The Blesser