July 11, 2014

What?! Eight Wild Bunch Ships!

Ahoy Pirates!

I decided to make another post about my swashbuckler's questing adventures this week! Lately I've been thinking I should level him more often so I can make it to Mooshu. I want to level to Mooshu because Mooshu is the world before one of my favorite worlds on the game, Marleybone! I really can't wait to blog about that so I'm going to quest as much as I can the end of this year and hope I make it to Marleybone by Christmas. :D I think I'm getting ahead of myself so I'm going to stick to what I did today on the game.. :)

Before I tell you what I did today, I'm going to tell you what happened on my last blog post! On my last blog post I had to enter a dungeon called the Old Chirp Place. After talking awhile to the other members of the Magnificent Seven, I found out that they wanted me to be the Seventh member of the Magnificent Seven! After I was made the seventh member of the Seven, we went out to pay our respects to Wyatt (the last seventh member that passed away). We ended up being ambushed by the Wild Bunch and had to defeat a ton of members of that gang. My companions wasn't allowed to join but it still wasn't a hard dungeon to complete. After I finished the dungeon, I had to talk to Sly Winkum and ended up leveling after I turn the quest in! Sly told me that he thought we should start a war with the Wild Bunch and he wanted me to sink 8 of their ships and then find Buck Bronco. I decided today would be the day to sink eight of the wild bunch ships!

I didn't think this quest would be fun, but I did make it through and defeated all eight of the Wild Bunch's pirate ships! I think this was a fun quest because I have a lot of screenshots and you should know by now that I love taking screenshots on the game. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have screenshots to publish here on my blog! I think it's fun to have screenshots on my posts so you see exactly what I was up to on the game. :D I bet you can't guess how many screenshots I have just from fighting these ships... keep guessing... do you have your guess?? Well, I have about twenty-five screenshots just from fighting these ships! I usually pick out the screenshot I like the most to publish on my posts so it does take awhile to sort through those but I'm glad to make my posts as fun as possible... Okay!! I'm done talking about screenshots... After I completed that part of the quest, I knew I would have to find Buck Bronco. I found out it was a dungeon that would take 1.5 hours so I decided to stop questing until tomorrow. :) I don't have anything else to blog about now so I'm going to stop typing soon. I hope you all enjoying reading this post and let's try something.. If you like or don't like my Edward Cringle posts, please click on one of the reactions below. Thank you either way, I hope you have a great weekend. :)

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