August 2, 2014

Arrrgustt 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far! I know I am. Well... I'm a little sick, but I am feeling great at the same time because yesterday the Pirate101 Newsletter was released with a lot of awesome news. I'm sure you all know about the new Rogue's Gallery featuring Fin Dorsal (you can view that video below). One- Eyed Jack and Bonnie also released news about Arrrgust!

Wait a minute... Arrrgust or Bonnie? Why was Bonnie mentioned on this newsletter?? Bonnie is actually our new associate community manager! Bonnie (Leala) is a new community manager for not only Pirate101 but also Wizard101 ( the same with One-Eyed Jack). I know Leala from the Wizard101 community when she was a host on Ravenwood Radio with Stephen Spiritcaller from Spiral Radio. I'm glad she's back in the community and I know she'll do a great job! Congratulations Tom and Leala! :D Now... Lets talk about Arrrgust! Last year Pirate101 celebrated Arrrgust with contests, giveaways and new items! I think this year will be even better than last year even though last year was awesome. Keep an eye out because you never know what fansites will be having contests for the Arrrgust celebration. ;) If you would like to read this month's Pirate101 newsletter, click HERE. 

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