August 7, 2014

The Cards!!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you are having an awesome Thursday. Can you believe tomorrow is Friday? I feel like this week went by so fast. I think it's going by fast for a reason (I'll make a post about that reason later :D), but for now I'm going to talk about what I did on the game. I haven't really leveled much on the game the past week and today I missed Pirate101 and decided to quest my swashbuckler a little bit. :)

Colonel Church said he'd help me find Captain Blood's firstmate, Sabatini, if I helped Lt. Masterson the last time I was on my swashbuckler. On my last post I had to help Masterson by gathering prisoners that escaped. I had to fight one of the prisoners, Crazy Horn. That boss wasn't all that difficult to defeat. After I defeated Crazy Horn I had to find the person that planned the jail break. I had to defeat Captain Foote and he was a much harder boss to defeat since there were more enemies in this fight. One of my companions was defeated but I made it through the fight with two of my companions. After I defeated Captain Foote I freed a Corporal that was in a cage and then I sailed back to Fort McMurtry. After I helped Bat, I went over to Colonel Church and he told me he knew where Sabatini was! Today I started questing by sailing to an Abandoned Church in the Haunted Skyway.. :O

Once I walked into the Old Abandoned Church, I found Sabatini AND Captain Blood! Sabatini kept repeating that I needed to look at cards and talk to the sisters on Isla de los Meurtos in the Santo Pollo Skyway. Captain Blood ended up (I think) killing Sabatini and he sent a few of his skeletal pirate minions after me. This fight was pretty easy! :D I'm not going to be too proud about this fight because I know I will have a quest or two that I might need help with. :P After I defeated the skeletal pirates I sailed to Isla de los Meurtos, Santo Pollo Skyway to talk to the sisters to find out more about these cards Sabatini was talking about..

I talked to one of the Fortune Tellers, Madame Esmerelda, and found out why I needed the cards. Madame Esmerleda said the cards would tell her an answer to any question I have. Bonnie asked where we could find Captain Blood's key so we could find the other piece of the map to El Dorado. The first card that represents the past said I would face deception, betrayal and mutiny if I don't set things right. The second card that was picked up represented the present, which means I still need to figure out how to get the key from Captain Blood. The last card that was picked up represented death.... The end of the world. NO, I'm kidding. :P The last card means there's a solution to my question. Captain Blood cheated Death and Death is now the source of Captain Blood's power and Death will show me the way to obtain Captain Blood's key. This is where I'm going to end the post today. Thank you all for reading these posts.. It really means a lot that you do read them. Before I end this post.. there's an image attached below which is a peek of my next post. Until next time, I hope to see you around the spiral. :D

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Well documented and delightful shots as per your norm. Didn't ya just LOVE the Wizzy treasure cards being used as fortune cards? :D