August 11, 2014

The Future Of This Website

Hi there,

The past month or so I've been thinking about the future of this site since I'll be going to college soon. Well, soon is actually next Wednesday and I'm nervous but I think everything will be fine. :D Most of you know I make a ton of blog posts about Pirate101 & Wizard101 on this site and it does take a lot of work to do that. I'm not upset it does because I enjoy every single last moment of it. The past year or so I haven't had much to do and I've made plenty of blog posts. Next Wednesday I will be starting college (Major: AAS in Computer Programming) and I don't think I will be able to make as many blog posts as I have in the past. I don't want you to think I'm quitting though.. I'm still going to be here.. Wait! If you thought I was quitting and closing down this site, you're wrong! I've done too much on this site in the past 4 years, there's no way I'm giving up now. :D Anyways.. I've decided that I will be cutting down on a few things.. Here's a few things I'll be changing on each game blog post starting with Pirate101..

  • Edward Cringle Posts: From now on, I'm going to make at least one post per week since it does take about an hour to make a post. It takes 30 minutes to quest and sometimes 30 minutes to make the post itself and I think it'll be nice to only make one post per week so you won't get tired of reading posts about him. I promise I'm not going to stop leveling this character. He will be entering Mooshu soon! :D 
  • Contests: I have contests on this blog and I do judge contest entries and send everyone their codes if they win something. This takes longer than my Edward Cringle posts but there's no worry about this. I have plans to begin and end contests on Fridays or Saturdays. I will email any contest winners with their codes on those days. If it's for example, and art contest, I will make a post about who won the contest and will publish it on Friday or Saturday.
  • News/Updates/Events: I will make blog posts about any news or updates that will be happening on the game since they don't take as long to make. Everyone needs to be updated and I will make posts Mondays-Thursdays if there are any news updates at the time. When I have events, they will be on Saturdays from now on. I will no longer have any events any other day of the week. More information about my college hours/days can be found below my Wizard101 blog post changes..

  • Character Updates: I plan on making posts about my characters and where they are on the game. I know I didn't make it to level 100 on all of my wizards but I'm still not giving up on my wizards. I will make many character updates. I hope you enjoy those because I know I do since it helps me get farther in the game. :) Thank you all for reading all of my new blog posts.
  • News/Updates/Events: I try to make posts about any news, updates or events that's happening in the Spiral any day of the week (usually during the early morning hours). If I have events in the future, they will also be on Fridays and Saturdays. I don't have many contests on this site for Wizard101 but I plan on the changing that soon also. :D

  • Follow ATSWEL: I will no longer update you on when I make new blog posts on my Edward Lifegem Twitter account and Facebook. I will update you on my Around the Spiral Twitter account (click there to follow ---> @AroundtheSpiral  ) and my Around the Spiral Facebook Page (click there to like my Facebook Page -----> Around The Spiral With Edward Lifegem). You can also look at the right column of this blog and Follow and Like the pages I mentioned. I will always update you when I make a new post.
  • Monday-Thursday: Mondays through Thursday will be busy days for me since I'll be going to college then. I don't have many hours to go during these days but I plan on having an entire day each day to study. I will not make any blog posts unless it's news updates or I have a post I didn't get to make during the weekend that I wanted to make. I promise I will still make blog posts for each game but most of the time you won't notice any new blog posts Monday-Thursday and sometimes Wizard101 or even Pirate101 won't have a blog post one week. That doesn't mean I have stop blogging though. This will happen the next two years until I get my job at KI (KIDDING) and then I'll make blog posts Monday-Thursday again. :D That's all I have for now.. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog for all of these years. :) I'll see you around the spiral!


Unknown said...

Congrats & Good Luck in school

Chrissy The Blesser said...

The best to luck to you in school. It really needs to be your priority now and you are doing the wise thing. Investment in YOU is the best thing you can do right now and we will be just fine with whatever you can manage here. Don't worry about us, we support you in every way. *Chrissy hugs*

Anonymous said...

Good luck in college! awesome major btw, looks like you're getting closer and closer to the games, maybe we'll be hearing from you soon as a part of the kingsisle staff!